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When you can walk its length, and leave no trace, you will have learned.


      • It’s a moot point now but there’s a confirmation process that I don’t think can be significantly circumvented. The overall process takes a couple of months (again, if Moscow Mitch can short-circuit that, he will — research needed). If she’d made it to the election we’d have had a fighting chance to keep the seat open until Jan. 20.
        Doesn’t matter now. She did her best for as long as she could. We’ll have to pick up the pieces somehow. As always, our best hope is to win the election overwhelmingly on Election Day and keep the decision OUT of the Supreme Court.
        Vote early. Get your mail-in ballot in early. Drop it off at your elections office if you can, and don’t count on the mail. Mask up, take your sanitizer, and go vote on election day. Pack a lunch if you have to. If you’re in line by law you get to vote, no matter how long it takes. I doubt lines will be long, but if they are take a friend or family member and trade off keeping your place in line to let others get food or run to the bathroom. 
        Have a plan, is what I’m saying. 

  1. I won’t with the inevitable “view from Canada” rant I’d be inclined to spew out of respect for RBG – though even that is more respect than the GOP could muster between them…I will simply say that I grieve for your loss and your law (not necessarily in that order) and hope that in the latter case it doesn’t prove to be the ultimate one.

  2. I’m weary and heartsick. We have lost our last safety net. The good guys aren’t winning. Malicious cruelty, enabled by gerrymandering, has circumvented the will of the majority of the people. Rest in peace RBG. 

    • We’re not 100% completely fucked. Mostly, but not completely. First order of business would be for Biden et al. to threaten all of the sitting Republican senators who may be inclined to not be assholes (very small number). Simply put, declare that if Democrats take both chambers they’re abolishing the filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court. Go full fucking nuclear. This should not be public — these should be back-office meetings and communications, but it needs to be absolutely serious. 
      The threat alone might be enough to make some of the more cowardly Republicans vote against confirmation, in which case no problem. If they go forward with a confirmation, then that’s it. Do exactly what they’re most afraid of. 
      Question is, can Uncle Joe pull it off? Kamala absolutely can — that woman is steel. But Joe? 

  3. fuck is right
    or at least its what i said with a mouthful of coffee when i checked my local news and saw her
    then…i had to clean my desk..
    she rarely makes the news here but i was not prepared for died

        • that still seems to imply i should live somewhere in the states at least
          i mean..
          You don’t live in a battleground state. So how do you help out in the states that will determine who wins in 2020?
          not in a battleground state is not even close to not in the states….no matter where you live tends to mean in america to americans
          also…there seems to be fuck all info about what i’d be signing up to other than a promise not to spam me

          • …I think the idea is that you “adopt” a battleground state & they give you suggestions about things you can do that would contribute

            …from outside the states I imagine some forms of donating &/or canvassing would be things you’re forbidden to do one way or another but the flipside of the murky state of “legitimate” campaign finance & such there are probably relevant organizations you’d be eligible to give to if you were so inclined & some kinds of volunteering your time…although that can be tricky when time differences are involved

            …I wonder if there’d be any point to trying to sway ex-pat types with a vote more locally…but my guess would be that the ex-pat vote is largely not in the GOP’s favor

            …it’s hard to be a bystander in an election that seems likely to be of significant consequence to the rest of the globe but it isn’t easy to see how the rest of the world gets to do much about it…unless they have state-backed funding & the blessing of twitter & Facebook, I suppose

            …or they want to throw the kind of money at the problem that few people can claim it’s morally defensible to have in the first place

            • money is one thing i definitely can not give
              but also im unwilling to give out my email address on a promise they will give me everything i need and not spam me…
              doesnt help that from the site it seems they are going to give me lots of info about candidates everywhere and help with absentee ballots..shit like that
              its not giving me the vibe that its meant for furriners….and its not giving me exact info as to what i’d sign up for

              • …as the cool kids allegedly say, “I feel ya”on the money thing…besides which it’s not obvious to me that the votes in those states that could be swung would be receptive to a word in their ear from someone they knew was overseas

                …although many seemed all too susceptible to influence from overseas they took to be domestic last time around…so again with the irony, there

  4. So…are we doing a top 10 list of replacements?  So far in my pool it is:
    1- The ghost of Eva Braun
    2- Judge Judy
    3- Jeanini Pirro
    4- Whatever porn star is getting ready for a tell all this week

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