Fun Times [DOT 6/5/22]

[Narrator voice: The times were not fun.]

The Stonk market is taking a big dump

Dow tumbles 1,000 points, Nasdaq loses nearly 5% in worst day of the year for stocks

This seems fine

Large fires are raging in New Mexico, and the worst may be coming

Fuck these fucking assholes
J.D. Vance, who won Ohio’s GOP Senate nomination Tuesday, said late last year that pregnancy from such situations is “inconvenient,” but that “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The GOP’s newfound abortion dilemma on rape and incest

Oooh smart

Passenger taken into custody after opening emergency exit and walking on wing of plane

Here’s an interesting thread:

Here’s some kittens. That should improve things.

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  1. I don’t even know how to express how fucked up our society is, and that alito can do what he is doing. If someone was to confront him, or any right winger with the Hale information, they would just say everyone’s overreacting. It’s insane.

    • I read the Literature Lady thread this morning. I don’t have a PhD, but I do have an education and from what I remember of Hale’s writings she’s right on the money.

      The radical right is jumping on this ASAP:

      Louisiana bill will imprison women who obtain abortions

      Quote: With the leaked news that the Supreme Court has the votes to erase federal abortion rights, allowing states to push forward whatever new bans they might desire, Republican states are wasting no time in writing up even more extreme legislation. In Louisiana, that means a new bill criminalizing abortion and charging women who obtain abortions with murder.

      Less obviously, there are some trickle-down effects that I don’t think many people realize yet:

      Without Roe, data will become a company headache and a user nightmare

      Quote: If Monday’s leaked draft opinion becomes law, court orders could soon arrive at tech firm offices seeking info about individuals searching for emergency contraception, those seen near a suspected abortion clinic and more.

      • I should have noted those two items are related. If Louisiana Gestation Gestapo can determine that a woman went to California for an abortion by getting a court order for her phone records, she can be charged with murder upon her return to Louisiana.

        • The Texas law enabling suits against anyone supposedly saying something to promote abortion says they will be conducting massive sweeps of email of everyone, including the press.

          I’m glad Axios wrote this, although they could be even starker. And coverage of Vance that limits the focus to the specific details of abortion is a failure unless it brings up the broadest implications of what he is after.

      • @memeweaver, that is significant. We do the same thing in November (exactly the same, the headings and websites are from the same provider, ours is the extra give). Our top 10 were all religious, mostly hard core conservative christian, including 5 schools, and the religious radio station, sigh. At least the eleventh was the food bank.

  2. Louisiana’s Abolition of Abortion will define personhood at fertilization. That means all embryos must be carried to term…even ones retrieved via IVF… Maybe that will scare enough of the white women into denouncing SCOTUS.

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