Funday? [DOT 6/12/20]

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

If you need something to watch/read/listen to, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Brain Drain.

Otherwise, let’s get a quick look at what else is going on…

#JFC (Can I say that on a Sunday?)

Trump calls Georgia governor to pressure him for help overturning Biden’s win in the state


Tens of millions in California under stay-at-home order starting Sunday night

Is it kosher to share your own tweet? [shrug emoji]


#RIP Squiggy. If you’re of a ‘certain age’, like me, this would have been on in reruns when you got home from school every day, along with Happy Days.

Enjoy your day of rest!



  1. Why am I watching this at 7am?

    It’s like watching in-ring wrestling promos with the fans waving their signs, booing and cheering, and chanting catch phrases at all the right times.

    The sooner Sangria Sunday begins, the better.

    • …haven’t subjected myself to the full 90mins…but the fact that he actually said at one point that if it was clear he’d lost he’d be a gracious loser & fuck off to florida to take it easy surely must be evidence of a diagnosable break with reality?

    • Hey, myo. I know you’ve been flipping levers this weekend. I was wondering if you did something that made it so I get logged out several times a day? I just started happening yesterday. 😏

      • …I don’t know if our resident prophet has seen that yet so it might be worth sending him a message about…it’s also possible that if you clear the cache on the browser you’re using & then shut it down before re-opening it & logging back in the issue might clear up

        …when I did that it seemed to help except on a tablet where logging in seemed to send me back to a page where I was logged out…for that one navigating to a different post turned out to have me logged in & it hasn’t been a problem since?

          • …I’d suggest sending myo a direct message about it to be sure to get a better response than I can provide…if you click his name on the comment he left above it should take you to a page with a “private message” button (not the only way to do that but probably the easiest) & describe what the trouble seems to be

            …it may be that cache clearing thing comes into it which can be easier said than done on a tablet but I’d expect he’d be able to figure out how to sort things out for you

      • That issue might have been mostly a yesterday only thing. I woke up early and wanted to do a few things but ended up working on a new cache system that would/should have affected everyone. Normally I’d throw up a post or something to inform everyone but I wasn’t expecting to do it in advance.

        Try what RIP said regarding browser cache for pretty much any issue.  

        PM me if you try it and still have issues and we’ll be sure to get it resolved asap.

    • McKean’s also in the Christopher Guest ensemble. He was in This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. And he’s done a ton of other work. 

  2. Is anyone else as alarmed as I am, (A 4 alarm fire) that our president is literally trying to steal this election by exerting his will? It CAN’T POSSIBLY be legal to call a gov and tell him to switch the votes. And just as an aside, flipping GA means nothing unless he flips PA and AZ.  Which, uh, is that the plan? 

    • …I know it sounds absurd but I’m not sure he really knows if he’s serious or not?

      …partly I think he’s just lashing out because he can’t handle not getting to cheat his way to an outcome just by asserting that he’s right & reality be damned…& he still doesn’t get how anything to do with the presidency really works & seems to genuinely believe it’s meant to be a “because I say so” kind of a deal where he says jump & everyone just asks how high & what ditch should they land in?

      …but it’s also possible that nobody in his orbit has the backbone or the wherewithal to have explained to him that it’s a dead horse he’s flogging so he might genuinely believe his own bullshit

      …my impression is that it doesn’t exactly matter from his point of view…he needs to keep this routine up because the only route he has to both servicing his colossal debts (by bilking his supporters & taking advantage of the laxity of “campaign finance” frameworks to siphon the necessary funds into the places he needs them to go)…& to try to keep ahead of the many cases in many jurisdictions that should be coming for his ass in the new year by demonstrating that he commands a voting bloc the GOP needs…both rely on keeping the supply of bullshit kool aid flowing in high volume & preferably in primetime

      …but even if it’s so dumb as to involve asking kemp to do him favors he explicitly doesn’t have the power to grant you’re not wrong about that routine involving a substantial amount of what ought to be a clear cut case of abuse of power

      …once upon a time that sort of thing would have been considered impeachable, even

    • The only good thing is that all of the Georgia hooliganism is out in public and SOS Raffensberger has a tiny shred of morality left  – otherwise that idiot Kemp would’ve totally given the state to tRump. 

      • Another good thing is that it inspires me to donate to Fair Fight and volunteer what time I can remotely. I think it triggers many more people the same way. I want to do whatever I can without getting in the way.

    • I might be giving trump too much credit but I think he’s deliberately asking for things that can’t be done. When he’s told no, it isn’t possible or I don’t have the power to do that he can say to his supporters, “ see, they won’t even try, they’re working for the Dems.” And his base can continue to believe he won and the election was stolen in spite of all the evidence that proves otherwise.

      He doesn’t care about the legality, he is absolutely going to try to pardon himself. He’ll advance the idea that it’s not an admission of guilt but rather a necessity to prevent the Deep State from framing him for treason. And his base will lap it up. 

      I think he wants Warnock and Ossoff to win the run off. In part to punish Kemp, Raffensberger, and all the other GOP pols that didn’t do enough for him. (Anything short of declaring him Emperor of the United States would not have been enough for him.) A Dem controlled Senate would also allow the Biden administration to pass bills that he can point to and shriek SOCIALISM! So when Don Jr and/or Ivanka run his base will turn out for them.

      • I agree with everything you said and I think it all boils down to the fact that he’s always been “The Boss” and everyone’s had to cater to his every win. Also, he’s spent his life grifting the system so he’s just another one of those guys that thinks rules don’t apply to him because he’s smarter than everyone else. 

      • You’re right. These failed attempts and general bullshit are part of his grift. I think it was Cohen who said that Trump is very cagey and can be clever when it benefits him. This is all part of a long con, to get stupid MAGAs to fund his debt relief, pay off his campaigns, and generally maintain him in his faux-billionaire lifestyle. The faithful are eating this shit up, and Trump doesn’t care if Republicans get elected. Trump only cares about Trump. 

      • Yes. I don’t like your last prediction there, but the rest I am hopeful about. I think trump is starting to eat his own, and I am excited for it. There are already signs that he’s splitting the base in GA, with some vocal trump supporters saying they’re either boycotting the runoff or, and this one cracks me up, they’re going to write in “trump”… as some sort of statement?? I really hope he screws the Republicans in GA and lets us take the senate. And I hope democrats do enough with power to undo a lot of republican election cheating routes. 

    • I am actually back to freaking out because a reality disrupted my tiny brain. Before Trump got elected, I thought of it as an impossibility. I quite literally did not think it would possibly happen, and then it fucking did. I do not believe there is any way he can not be removed, I believe it is impossible that Biden won’t be president, and that is why I am freaking out again, because that shit for brains has already done what seems impossible many times, and that’s just…….fuuuuucccccked. I guess only time will tell.

    • In many ways the process has begun already. There are basically reality-based Republicans and delusional Trump Republicans. And the schism is getting deeper. Trump’s narcissism would definitely lead toward starting a Trump Party. Which is fine — let them fight among themselves. I’ve posted before about the scumbags looking to take over the MAGAs, like Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Ron DeSantis, and a bunch of others. That won’t work. The reality is that the Trump Party is a personality cult. When Trump dies or is disabled (more likely), it’s going to dissolve away and the cockroaches will scuttle back into the dark. 

        • …I worry about this, to be honest

          …on the one had it wouldn’t be exactly unusual for these people to kind of divide themselves into factions until they ceased to have the kind of leverage they currently do but they’re a useful bloc of votes for the GOP & stuff like Qanon seems to be keeping them affiliated in ways that can be made use of at arms length

          …that said, I do think bryanl has a point about donnie having made it all about him to a point where it seems unlikely that another figurehead could be slotted in to replace him on a like-for-like basis?

        • In the short term, I think the infighting is going to cause problems for the establishment Republicans. The fighting in Georgia is a good example of it. I’m just hoping we can squeak two Senate seats out of the chaos. 
          In the long term? I don’t know. Ideologically, Tea Partiers were still relatively close to the baseline Republicans. Trumpers, though, are far more nihilistic and willing to destroy everything if they don’t get their way. When Trump inevitably dies, I really don’t see anyone assuming his “mantle” at this point. And I don’t see the hardcore Trumpers accepting a substitute. The true assholes like Nazis, Proud Boys, white supremacists, and the like will go back into hiding, I hope. 
          I think many of the other Trumpers will slowly crawl back to the Republican Party over time after he’s gone, and it will re-merge into the nemesis of old. I don’t think they’ll merge as quickly as the Tea Party did, though. But they’ll crawl back. The groundwork the Republican Party has laid, destroying education, creating a sub-class of people without critical thinking skills, and weaponizing religion isn’t going to go away any time soon. 

    • Oh, great. A Bull Moose party for our stupid era. One only hopes he fails to win re-election like Teddy before him. Or maybe we could resurrect a hologram of Ross Perot and have him siphon the Republican vote again?

  3. Apparently Rudy-Colludy now has the ‘Rona;
    Trumpty-dumpty’s gotta be piiiisssed, that his lawyer won’t be able to file and be in court before Christmas….
    Although until Biden is sworn in, in January, I’m NOT gonnastop worrying that DonnyDumbass isn’t simply gonna declare martial law, and simultaneously declare himself our Emperor-God-King…
    Because malignant narcissist’s gonna narc & all…..

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