Garrett Finally Fired–ALLEGEDLY

Per a source telling Ed Werder of ESPN, which is currently making the rounds, the Jones boys (not those) have decided to part ways with longtime Ginger Jason Garrett.

So for the first time since Parcells got out of dodge, the Cowboys will dive into the coaching search pool with both feet. One assumes with good reason that they will hire a retread, as the guys that are supposedly being linked to the job, like Urban Meyer and Lincoln Riley, are not given to be in the stages of making the move. Of course, Jerruh has a ton of cash to throw at his “guy.”

I’ve never played the old rom hack I Wanna Be the Guy, but I can only imagine what will happen when someone says to Jerruh that they are willing to be his Guy. The pickings aren’t slim, though. This is not a bad team by any stretch of the imagination, though it may be in salary cap hell sooner rather than later. But the window is open for Dak, Zeke, Amari, et al.

We’ll see if they jump through or if it slams shut.

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