General Advice Post [NOT 29/11/23]

Hi, friends!

This is a post for offering advice, asking for advice, rambling the word brain vomit into comments, whatever you feel like.

My advice to you is don’t leave handguns in cars. Lots of car break ins are people looking for cash or guns. I know we Americans are simultaneously dumb as fuck and ammosexuals, so this is a toughie. But try!

Also, you know how I make sure not to get my guns stolen? I don’t own any guns. Amazing how easy it is to reduce that risk.



  1. I have some advice… don’t get Covid! Especially not for a second time! *sniffles pitifully*

    Anyway. Hi, y’all! How’s it going? It’s been the usual chaos around here. Kid stuff, cat stuff, parent stuff, (lack of)money stuff… Somewhere in there, I used to have a life, but we’ve been kind of leaping from crisis to crisis for so long, I’ve almost forgotten what that was like.

    BabySmacks just turned 19 a few days ago, which is still mindboggling. It’s so hard to wrap my head around having all my boys being fully fledged adults, but especially so with the youngest.



      • I always remember my little BabySmacks with his long blond curls, and he recently cut it short and dyed it black… It’s rather jarring when I do see him, now! He’s living with his partner about half an hour away, and working weird hours, so he doesn’t come by very often.

        Kids 2 and 3 still live here with us, and Oldest comes by with Grandbaby all the time, so at least I get to spend time with them, but it’s still odd how quiet it is around the house most days.

    • Hi HoneySmacks! Ugh double Covid is rough. I’m right there with you on not having a life. Mine is less like leaping from crisis to crisis but more like treading water in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. How is it already December in two days? Seriously congratulations on raising another human being through to adulthood. You rock!

      • Thanks!  🤗 (I think that’s a hug but emojis on my kindle are weird so… That’s the intention, anyway!)

        When the boys were all little, it was like that, just hanging there, waiting for… something. I regretted longing for excitement when 2 of them got far too adventurous for awhile in the teen years, but they’ve settled down some by now. Give those babies an extra snuggle while they still let you!

        • Congratulations to the WeeSmacks (and to YOU, too, my friend!😉😁🤗)

          Like the others, I remember alllllllll those years ago, when BabySmacks was still an elementary-schooler, and DANG if that doesn’t seem like just a short while ago!!!💖

  2. Always have a Plan B… Most things don’t go as planned and it is always a good idea to have backup ideas if and when things go south.

    I never understand anyone who expects things to work out exactly planned.

  3. Kissinger is finally dead.

    [Anthony Bourdain] then launched into a tirade about how it sickens him, having travelled in Southeast Asia, to see Kissinger embraced by the power-lunch crowd. “Any journalist who has ever been polite to Henry Kissinger, you know, fuck that person,” he said, his indignation rising. “I’m a big believer in moral gray areas, but, when it comes to that guy, in my view he should not be able to eat at a restaurant in New York.”

    I pointed out that Bourdain had made similarly categorical denunciations of many people, only to bury the hatchet and join them for dinner.

    “Emeril didn’t bomb Cambodia!” he said.

  4. *tries to imagine being so cavalier about guns that they’d get stolen from his car*

    i……cant do it

    is simultaneously shorting out my i need muh protection and muh i are responsible ammo sexual brain…..

    unless its i has so many guns it dont matter where i leave them……which gave me a headache just typing it out….

    • They make gun safes that can be installed under a car seat or in a console too. So like again “responsible” gun owner is a misnomer here as there are ways to thwart this happening if one thinks they have to pack a gun just to drive around for groceries and shit.

    • Not sure if I just live in a lib bubble, but I can’t imagine it either. I don’t own a gun. I don’t live in a place where people openly carry, either, so that has never been part of my American experience (though I am related to people who own more guns than brain cells, they at least have them in a safe).

  5. Uh, hi. So, you know, like . . . computers and shit?  Like, mine is doing that thing where I turn it on but then the monitor doesn’t turn on, and then it turns itself off and then back on — like, automatically. But, like, the monitor still doesn’t come on, and it just sits there without beeping or anything.


    Could there be a problem with, like, the memory or the graphics or some shit? Is there an easy way to tell just from looking at it, or do I, like, fucking have to take it somewhere to get looked at. . . ?

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