Getting hit by a bus, ranked

1. Getting hit by a school bus in the rain

2. Getting hit by a Metrobus in a blizzard

3. Getting hit by a bus full of seniors on its way to the casino

4. Getting hit by a Greyhound on a dark desert highway

5. Getting hit by the team bus at Tropicana Field

6. Getting hit by a double-decker bus at a rugby game in Birmingham

7. Getting hit by the airport shuttle bus on the way back from 

8. Getting hit by the struggle bus

9. Getting hit by Jerome Bettis
42. Getting hit by a bus
96. Getting hit by Phish’s tour bus on your way to The Gathering Of 
    The Juggalos


  1. 3+6=9, so the Bettis one checks out!😉😄😁

    Also, HOW did I not know he’s as young as he is?!?

    For some reason, I’d thought The Bus retired in his *late* 30’s, not his EARLY 30’s!

    As for the type of bus I’d prefer to get hit by… I think I’d prefer Bettis, because while I’d probably be injured,I’d be less likely to be dead afterward.😉

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