Getting There! [DOT 22/3/23]

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Nothing exciting going on here, as usual! Was waiting for Trump to get arrested but it appears I shouldn’t hold my breath 🙂

Let’s see what else is happening, shall we?

Ukraine updates:

Russia’s war in Ukraine

Video shows Va. deputies pile on top of Irvo Otieno before his death

Beaten by an orange cat

From 1986


Sailboat crew rescued in Pacific after abandoning ship sunk by whale

How’d I miss this hot gos from [checks notes] 2016?

Gwyneth Paltrow in court as trial over 2016 ski collision begins

Have a great day!



  1. Holy shit!

  2. While I wouldn’t say the Wednesday series on Netflix was one of my favorites, it was enjoyable except for the stupid forced love triangle from a character that wouldn’t be bothered unless she could manipulate her love interests in a truly Machiavellian fashion.

    Apparently Jenna Ortega is getting crap now because on a podcast she was talking about how she kept arguing with the script writers about doing dumb shit that felt wrong for the character and then went rogue and just changed lines sometimes.

    I can see how what she is saying is unprofessional, but also damn she’s right about the character and that would have been some shitty writing.


    • Honestly, this is why I hate Trump.  As someone who has been bullied (both as a kid and adult), I know how the fuck they act/behave (they’re all the fucking same.) I see the pain he and his ilk cause. In a visceral way, this is why I hate bullies.

      I learned the hard way (something the ponces at the NYT don’t get.) Sucking up to them won’t stop, it only makes it worse.

      It wasn’t till I started punching back (I got a few split lips and bloody noses along the way) that the bullies started leaving me alone. In some ways you have to become the monster and show them who is more dangerous.

      This is one reason why management at current work hates me. They ganged up on me (I was the idiot for giving them the opening) and tried to shove me out while I had to deal with cokehead narcissist. When I finally found the opening/stones to do something about it, they began to regret it and why I’m about to (sigh) cross my 10 year anniversary (7 years after they nearly shoved me out the door.)

      • …I suppose really it’d just be anecdata…on account of being mostly based on personal observation rather than something I can cite…but…in particular about the part where giving in doesn’t placate them or mitigate things but just makes them worse…I think it has to do with bullying being motivated by fear & cowardice…in a combination that ensures they won’t ever actually deal with their fear…on account of lacking the courage/character/conviction whatever you call it…gumption, perhaps…so it just gets worse…& so do they?

        • Yeah there is something there.

          The question is to find that fear and exploit it. It’s been my habit at work to watch/observe my bosses finding out their strengths and weaknesses. Not because I’m some dangerous stalker, but knowing these things help me do my job better… Rarely have I ever had to use my particular set of skills in a malicious way (it takes too much work and I would rather keep my life simple than try to be a workplace Machiavelli.)

          What freaked a bullying supervisor out was how I knew what they were going to do. It didn’t hurt he was an unimaginative moron who only had one play in his playbook. I also knew how to threaten/harm him through his precious career. The one time he actually threatened me, I snapped, emasculated him in front of everyone by calling him out for his bullshit, shouting him down when he tried to defend himself then forcing him to rescind his stupid petty bullshit orders which sent him running back to his office for the rest of the shift…

          So really there is no difference between me and a bully… I got lectured by someone who I no longer associate with because all this person is a moral scold… a work place NYT if you will.  In his simple mind, I bullied my supervisor so I’m the other side of the bullying coin and no fucking different.

          That tactics are the same… but the result are quite different. One, I’m on the other side of the power divide… I’m just a fucking worker bee with no actual authority except my own ass. Two, it’s that thin wedge of motivation… I wanted to stop him from pushing people into doing stupid dangerous (to our current employment) things for the sake of his own glory (there was no reason for him to demand the things he did except for that reason.) Three I never exploited his weakness for my personal gain (if I did I would be a CEO by now.)

          I find the scolds like the NYT and the typical administrative bureaucrat to be the same. They think you don’t have to fight/bleed/get hurt by/maul a bully. And never get nuance.

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