Getting There [DOT 4/2/21]

One more day gang and then it’s Friday. You can do it!!

Here’s the new Democratic plan for $1,400 stimulus checks


Why investors were willing to write Robinhood a $3 billion check during the GameStop chaos

GameStop frenzy leaves behind a mess for Wall Street regulators

LOL what?

Texas sorry after mistakenly sending emergency alert for cursed Chucky doll

As much as I’d like to see Ricky Schroder and the My Pillow guy lose their money, I’d much rather see this guy locked up.

I think they call this Minnesota Nice. Guesses on what she REALLY means??? “Die in a fire.” “The adults are talking Petey.”

Golden Globe Noms are in:

Golden Globes Nominations: Netflix Dominates With 42 Film & TV Noms, Led By ‘Mank’ And ‘The Crown’ – The Full List

It wasn’t me, I swear.

Smuggler found with nearly 1,000 cacti and succulents strapped to her body

These guys are a lot of fun and I wish him well.

It’s 2021, the most controversial part of this story should be this: T.J. is short for Thomas John, the inverse of his older brother and bandmate, whose name is John Thomas, named after their father, whose name is also John Thomas, though people call him “Big John.”

T.J. Osborne Is Ready to Tell His Story

Have a great Thursday!



  1. i was gonna make me own un anounced post…but as its this close to the dot..i guess i fucking wont
    the fucking HR woman just called me out of bed..asking me to check to check my digiD to see if im negative yet….
    bitch ive been negative for years….but none of youre fucking nagging is gonna make the results come in quicker….
    fuck you
    (farscy is seriously pissed off right now)

    • I hated when supervisors or managers kept pestering on things that are outside my or mostly their control.
      Learned to never reply to calls from certain supervisors at work because it is usually for chickenshit reasons.  So my silence is a less than subtle “GET FUCKED.”
      Also, I also am incredibly short fused when woken up for stupid reasons. 

    • Well fuck 
      Seriously pissed off farscys angry little kick at the stairs mid phone call broke his fucking big toe
      Today is just fucking awesome
      Welp Im not a ballerina so a limp won’t slow me down much…. I am starting to run out of unbroken bits of me tho….
      When they dig me up a hundred years from now they are going to wonder what I did to deserve such a beating

    • Ugh that’s so frustrating!

      A close friend had issues with HR over the same thing. It took 4 damn days to get the test results back. She doesn’t run the test site and Missouri ain’t managing things worth shit.

      Seriously – Total Access Urgent Care – was taking 3-5 days for results. Other places – within 24 hours! But TAUC wasn’t upfront about timelines and so I have had several friends run into issues with waiting and waiting for results in the last year.

      • i got mine at 19;00
        negative….wooo back to work
        least for an hour or so….
        i think my toe needs setting….lol
        took a pic of it….figure ill probably get sent to the hospital once i show it

    • A black kid is accused of theft gets years in prison, this kid guns down two men in self “defense” and gets to live outside of prison for “reasons”?
      This just makes me hate this kid even more.

    • Holy fuck. I only breezed over the story this am, and thought this rittenhouse looked similar to Ethan couch. I didn’t realize that THEY LOST HIM. He hasn’t been at the residence since Dec 14. They haven’t bothered to keep an eye on him for 50 DAYS. A high profile murder case, and they lost him. 
      This country needs an enima.

      • Generally speaking, bail isn’t supervised.  They didn’t really “lose” him.  They incorrectly thought he could be trusted to abide by the conditions for being released.  He decided those conditions were too inconvenient to comply with.  Now he is subject to arrest and re-incarceration, will likely be charged with another crime (i.e., violating conditions of release), and may not be granted bail this time.

  2. Re Amy and the MN nice thing–as a born-minnesotan, I swe zero shade or secondary meaning in that tweet.
    It reads more as a commentary on the previous administration. Basically in Minnesotan this says,
    “Thank GAWWWWWWDDDD, we fiiiiiiiiinally have someone in that office who will Get.Shit.DONE, and maybe now the folks back home will be able to get their roads FIXED, so I don’t get 85 calls a day,about how someone blew their tire/broke *another* axle, down in that massive pothole in Lakeville!”
    “Looking forward to working with you” in Minnesotan is basically, “GET READY people!!!! We’re gonna fiiiiinally FIX some of this broken shit–you’d better be ready to MOVE your asses!”

  3. Also, if i don’t miss my mark by too much There MAY be an undercurrent of,
    “Hey Pete?!? Remember that Chi-town to MSP high-speed rail project that Obama started, that Scotty-numb-nutz shut down, over in WI?… Hey, let’s get THAT rolling again, too, why don’t we😉?”

  4. This is my day to lay low and just do the minimum, February 4th man, it’s my personal kryptonite, when bad shit happens to me it is on February 4th, like got married, crashed the truck, broke my femur, do not recommend any and all of those.
    in that spirit, fuck:
    the HR woman
    There’s more but I got no sleep wondering what fuckery Feb 4 will pull this year.

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