Getting There, Slowly [DOT 10/3/21]

Look, you’re probably still reading yesterday’s DOT, so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet.

How do these guys not have whiplash 24/7?

Tom Cotton attacks relief payments to prisoners but backed them under Trump

Sprots! (Kind of.)

Kobe Bryant’s widow can obtain names of deputies who shared crash photos, judge rules

Somebody was not such a good boy. I’m sure it wasn’t his fault though. Love that dogs are facing more consequences than say Trump or the Capitol terrorists.

I’ll watch the crap out of this:

I’ve been laughing at this all day. (There’s obviously something wrong with me.)

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. …so, I don’t know how successfully folks have managed to ignore the existence of the perennially-disappointing attention-seeking of piers morgan…but I for one was delighted to discover he’s down a paycheck

    …& indeed that it was demonstrated on hos own show that he can dish it out but he can’t take it

    …but just for context…41,000-odd complaints is approaching twice as many complaints as the thing that garnerned the most in the previous decade

    …what I’m trying to get at here is that piers morgan is a bloviating sack of self-regarding smugness that’s pretty much entirely unearned…& I think the world would be better off if we all ignored him until he shrivelled up & disappeared from the lack of attention…& that while he may be too full of himself to acknowledge it he royally fucked up with his performative indignation about this whole thing…something, something…silver linings?


    • Piers needs to be catapulted into the North Sea….

      • …there’s things have to live in that water, though…I was thinking more like what they do with nuclear waste…drop it in a deep hole & cover in substantial quantities of concrete…you know, to be sure that none of the poison gets out where it can harm the unwary?

      • Hey!
        Not in my sea goddamnit…I swim in there occasionally!
        I’m pretty sure England has incinerators that would be perfectly suitable for pierce

      • Excellent points, both @SplinterRIP and @farscythe.
        You would deny me the pleasure of watching that spleen-riddled blob being flung through the air to his demise on the far horizon. But I will always bow down to environmental concerns. Wouldn’t want to negatively impact the cod.

        • …very good of you…& I never said you couldn’t catapult him down that pit…get a drone or two in on the action & watching ought tomstill be possible, even?

        • Maybe Elon Musk can put another car & dummy in space.

  2. Here in reconstituted Ceausescu’s Romania the Cuomo cult of personality is melting faster than the Antarctic ice shield.
    A month or so ago we were reminded that it was the anniversary of Randy Andy hounding the most gifted transit executive of the last 40 years out of town at the end of January last year. In his resignation letter (submitted twice, but once he relented, then the second time he left for good) he specifically called out Cuomo’s meddling and micromanaging and undermining. Why did Cuomo do this? Byford was just too competent, and was getting phenomenal results in a very brief period. He was also extremely popular and visible; he spent his days riding the system and chatting with passengers, you know, the paying customers, and trying to implement innovations that could have remade the system for at least a generation. Oh no, we can’t have any of that. And I bet de Blasio, who couldn’t be trusted to successfully make a grocery store run, was also glad to see the back of him.
    Just today I was reading that the brand-new Tappan Zee Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is falling apart. Bolts, faulty bolts, covered-up faulty bolts, falsified safety inspections. This story might not make it out of the tri-state area but I’m guessing that since few are willing to trust Cuomo and his lackeys there will be an independent investigation. It will probably go nowhere, but the state’s press corps does not lack for Cuomo haters, so this will be kept top of mind. 
    Matthew Crawley, Deadsplinter New York Political Editor

    • It’s funny you note that the “state’s press corps does not lack for Cuomo haters” because I’ve seen a few Republicans waving the “LIE-beral media” flag about his coverage and it’s even wronger than usual.

      Not to provide too much inside information here, but from their writing and also that I know a number of them personally: No matter their own politics, they would *LOVE* to nail Cuomo to the wall. He’s a giant asshole but also, that’s how they see the job. I don’t always love their coverage (they get Politico brain sometimes) but NY is lucky because the Albany press corps is really aggressive and diverse in viewpoint. Lots of state capitals do not have that, and it’s a loss for readers.

      • The opinion side has been a lot more bullish on Cuomo, but they’ve also been a lot happier with the old system that gave the GOP and conservatives an outsized voice in NY State. They like gridlock and the incompetency that it spawns. The NY elite will pay high taxes as the price for maintaining transit and education and health systems that limp along, but they’re scared to death of paying for systems that actually do what they’re supposed to do.

      • The “Times Union” does a great job of covering Albany and I think they are very brave: There seems to be little do in Albany, except work for the state government or get contracts from the state government or lobby the state government, and TU people have to live among these types and uncover, and publish, inconvenient truths. 
        During the Pataki era we here in “perfidious Gotham” used to hear almost nothing out of Albany. I’m not even sure what Pataki did during his three terms, and he was governor during 9/11, but I think Giuliani bullied him to stay out of it and just write the checks. For the last few years we’ve had the double-whammy of Cuomo big footing it around and spineless de Blasio committing almost daily self-owns. Then came the pandemic and it was like 8.5 million of us NYCers were living in an occupied territory being ruled from afar by an autocratic duchy. Even at the dawn of the Cuomo assumption of the throne I always thought, “Since we and the metro area are single-handedly funding the entire state (Buffalo Billions, anyone?) shouldn’t we have a little more input? It’s a very strange state. 

        • The Andrew Cuomo “My God, what have I done?” turmoil continues. BREAKING: NYC restaurants are now allowed indoor dining at 50% capacity. Quoth Augustus Julius Claudius Gaius “In New York State, our decisions are based on science and data and we are encouraged by the continued decline in [COVID-19] infection and hospitalization rates,” Cuomo said in a statement Wednesday alongside NJ Gov. Phil Murphy. 
          Problem is, every other county in New York State, many if not most with higher infection and hospitalization rates, have been at 50% all along. We were at 0%, then 25%, then 35%, and now 50%. On the same day that we go to 50% everyone else goes to 75%. I won’t be indoor dining anytime soon, except in my own apartment, so this is all theoretical to me, but it is a very visible reminder to the good citizens of New York of just how mad and capricious Kerry Kennedy’s ex-husband really is.

    • Also, there is some gross hypocrisy surrounding this. Nancy Pelosi, who turns 81 in a couple of weeks, age is just a number, right, Nan? is a representative from the Bay Area. She just decided to throw her weight behind a primary challenger for a Massachusetts Senate seat. Why did she do this? The incumbent was progressive Ed Markey, AOC buddy/co-conspirator, so in her mind Markey must go. His primary opponent was the dim Joe Kennedy III (“JoeJoeJoe”) whose both feet are firmly planted in the rich centrist soil. In MA the progressives turned out in droves and retained Markey by 55 to 45%. Primaries for thee, but not for me. Well, that failed. You can hear the ice cracking and see the signs of a spring awakening.

  3. My daughter has a Cocaine Bear t shirt. There’s a book called The Bluegrass Conspiracy about the smuggling operation, it’s worth a read. 

  4. Can someone explain why the Cocaine Bear story is funny? The bear dies. Stuffing it and parading it around? For why? It all sound senseless and stupid to me.

      • oopsie!

        • Not really a spoiler, it’s in every article about the movie. 🙂

    • @Sedevilc It’s not funny. And the movie is going to be a thriller not a comedy. Poor bear was a victim of a high level smuggling operation with ties to the US government. It’s a fascinating story. I hate that they display the bear in a store wearing sunglasses, dressed like it was on Spring Break. It died a horrible death. I was surprised when my daughter bought the shirt, but she was in college and they’re a big thing on campus. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • It didn’t eat 75 lbs but it’s stomach was full of cocaine. It’s not a bit, the smuggling operation was real although some of the theories surrounding it are disputed. 

        • Should we debate legalizing? FOR THE BEARS.

          • Let’s ask Portuguese* bears. I bet they don’t have to put up with this!
            *Portugal decriminalized all drugs in the 00s.

        • I think even the stomach full of coke bit is embellishment. I strongly suspect a reporter either made that up or tried really hard not to follow up on the tall tale someone was pulling on them.
          Bears aren’t sharks and they don’t swallow stuff indiscriminately. If the coke was smuggled inside of candy bars, OK, but the stories don’t say anything like that. I don’t think this even makes sense as the bear being a mule — that’s an awfully hard thing to get a bear to cooperate with, and a dead bear makes a terrible container for coke. Game wardens are going to ask a lot more questions about a dead bear than a bunch of dead doves or rabbits.
          Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t a patsy, but I bet this bear was.

          • a dead bear makes a terrible container for coke

            (Taking notes…)

            • Dead bears maybe, but I had a couple of friends who were bears and they made excellent containers for cocaine and alcohol for at least several years. 

              • (Adds footnote….)

          • The bear didn’t have anything to do with the smuggling operation, lol. A duffel bag was thrown from the plane where the bear found it. According to all the reports it’s stomach was full of cocaine. But you do make a good point about beats not being indiscriminate eaters. I’ll have to ask my contacts in Fish and Wildlife about the veracity of the story. 

          • @blue dogcollar It looks like you were right, the stomach full of cocaine was an exaggeration. 

            The chief medical examiner at the Georgia State Crime Lab later estimated the bear had absorbed about 3 or 4 grams of cocaine into its bloodstream at the time of its death.


             It’s still an interesting true crime story that didn’t get a lot of national attention at the time. And that helped fuel the conspiracies. 

    • I thought cults was only true for black presidentsMeant for Democrats but not for me
      The left was out to get me
      That’s the way it seemed
      Obamacare and gun control haunted all of my dreams

      Then I voted for Trump, now I’m a sucker/believer
      Not a trace of doubt in my mind
      I’m in love
      I’m a sucker/believer, I couldn’t leave him if I tried

  5. “Fork hands!” Genius.

    • Aaaaaahhhh!!!

    • Better than anything that came out of hollywood in the last decade.
      That’s right, I said it.

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