GIF Party: Hit the bricks

Fare thee unwell

Let’s just get to it. I don’t know why it hasn’t dawned on me previously, but I love a good post of GIFs/memes, so post ’em below. We’re saying goodbye to 45, obviously.



      • You CAN, Luigi. Like I said in a previous post, sometimes the website you link to might interfere, but otherwise you past the URL in the Source field, click out of that box, and then click OK.
        HINT: If you click out of the Source box after pasting a URL in there, the dimension fields will auto-populate — if it’s a valid image source. If they don’t auto-populate, then Word Press probably cannot embed the image.


  1. The LOOK of abjectmotherfuclingMISERY on his face, in the “Good Picture” that OANN chose for their website here is just…..

    This was the “good” one?!?!?😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
    He looks even more miserable than he did just after walking out onto the stage, on Election night 2016, after he was congratulated over the phone by Pooty-poot….
    You know–that video I’ve shared a few times–where he looks like a man who just had ALLLLLLLL his debts called in….
    Here, he LOOKS like he’s going to prison!🤣🤣🤣
    I didn’t honestly think he HAD this emotional capacity available anymore.
    And I am goddamned GLEEFULwith my Schadenfreude right now, ngl!

    • To be fair, he never doesn’t look a little constipated and pukey at the same time. Like he’s so full of shit it has to come out his mouth.

      • True!!!
        But even then, there’s almost always that self-satisfied smirk (or hint of one)–because even if he’s got it coming out both ends, and is totally COVERED in it?
        He’ll take great pleasure in the fact that *you*(we) ended up having to smell it as it happened…
        He’s proud of that sort of thing.
        In the same wholly-fucked-up way that The Nuge thinks his “getting out of Vietnam service” story is actually something “cool and funny,” rather than disgusting, disturbed, classless, & cowardly.

    • I still don’t get why that dumbass doesn’t either make his hands orange as well, or at least stop raising them up to his face.  I keep opening up these pics to full size just to make sure he’s not wearing some stupid white gloves that I’m not noticing, but no, his hands are fucking pale, and his face is fucking orange.
      I’m pretty oblivious and miss a lot of otherwise obvious stuff, but this?  srsly, come on, what the hell is wrong with people that only “liberals” seemed to notice this?
      I’m just still mad at this asshole, and haven’t had time to watch the inauguration stuff, probably won’t till this weekend…

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