Giving Fucks…[NOT 3/1/20]

So, I’ve decided NOT to talk about the big news story/stories of the day. Mainly because I’m too con-fucking-founded. Also because I have a feeling a few of us around here might have some things to get off their chests within the next few days…including myself. For that, I’ve decided to calm myself enough to carry on as though nothing has happened.

I wish I could even pretend to be like this guy:

As a Canadian, I am familiar with Maple Taffy which is maple syrup and snow for those of you who call a tuque a “winter hat” or “snow hat,” but I’m somewhat put off by this caramelised glacier snow:

Speaking of profiting from climate change, Amazon doesn’t seem to be too fond of its employees expressing their concerns:

39 Animals find homes from Toronto’s Humane Society:

Fred Penner dies at 56. Don’t worry, though. It’s not the beloved children’s entertainer. It’s just another police shooting in southern Ontario that usually flies under the radar. Seeing as this one made the news:

Not to be outdone by the NINE FUCKING EARTHQUAKES in THREE FUCKING DAYS off the coast of Vancouver Island, Puerto Rico says, “umm, wait up!”

Feel free to discuss anything I decided NOT to include in this post. Honestly, right now, I don’t give a fuck which means I give a fuck slightly less than people who say they don’t give a fuck. Either way, I literally don’t give a fuck about anything!

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