Good Decisions [NOT 25/8/22]

Hi, friends!

I hope your week is going well. Topic of the night is what is a good decision you made recently?

I picked up another raised bed kit at Costco like a month ago and it’s just been living in the box in my living room. I am going to use it for fall veggies and I’ve been just so impatient to plant. The local plant stores are getting their lettuce, kale, etc in stock and I’ve been debating getting things going.

Well, glad I restrained myself because this week is getting hot enough that anything I planted would probably go fuck you over the heat and bolt. So I’ve got the bags of soil sitting where I’ll put the beds to kill off some of the grass in advance. And it can all sit for another 2 weeks while we get further away from hot weather. Sure, those bags of soil will be crawling with ants by the time I get to it, but hey we don’t have fire ants here and I can wear gardening gloves.



  1. i havent strangled my boss yet…..wich means i still get paid

    maybe next week tho… really starting to hate the fucker


    ive run out of will to live

    all the lillies have turned grey

    and all that shit

    i dont need help…im good

    overly dramatic maybe

    but im going to compete with the cock roaches and keith richards for last thing standing

    fuck im so tired tho…

    we could have fixed this

  2. I shifted a get-together with a co-worker from a brew-pub to an SUP outing at a local park. We had a blast, and it was much healthier. AND, we both are motivated to do more of these.

  3. I canceled my summer visit to Pittsburgh. It was getting too difficult to make arrangements to everyone’s satisfaction. After a couple of weeks of trying to please everyone I had an epiphany. I don’t have to please anyone but me and I’m staying home.

  4. I mentioned it over on the DOT, too, but something that’s been a HUGE help for me this summer, working with the kids in the summer “not school” program, has been the Android Timer section of my phone’s clock app!

    I pull it up multiple times a day there, and it helps SO much!!!

    It keeps the kids on track, whether they’re a child who has Autism and is “rigid” when it comes to *not liking to do things outside their normal routine/order,* when we’re trying to get them to transition from one activity/place to another, if we need to have them “take a break” because they were unsafe/misbehaving, etc.

    It also helps a ton to cut anxiety, it helps the kids enjoy their playtime, it cuts down on meltdowns at transition time, and it lessens the staff being asked, “Are we there yet?”/”When will we _______?”/”When is it _____time?”

    ESPECIALLY for the 2nd-graders & “youngers,” that disappearing circle is GOLDEN!  They may/may not know their numbers by that age–but most of them don’t know that there are 60 minutes in an hour & seconds in a minute… but once I start the timer, then show it to them *again* a short time later–so they can “see how much of the circle is gone!” they understand that time will be passing slowly *or* quickly.

    That little visual of the circle “disappearing” cuts out so much fussing, pushback, whining, & complaining–because they can all understand “the circle is shrinking,” and don’t need “MATH-math” to know that!😉😁💖

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