Good ideas [NOT 15/3/22]

Hi, friends!

Yesterday’s theme was “bad ideas” and I thought we’d invert that for tonight.

What’s something recently that you’ve stumbled into and thought “that’s a good idea”?

I have a couple of dresses that are too long for me (womp womp, I’m short) and a friend said “why don’t you just use a belt to pull the waistband up a bit” which was fucking genius. It was that or wear heels, and I’m uncoordinated and lazy so heels are a bad plan.



  1. We’ll see if it is a good idea.  I have decided to make a lot noise as I started screaming about the missed interview to my management.

    I checked my work email and found nothing, not even a piss poor apology.

    Ironic to me as I was labelled a fucking moron/idiot among office staff/management for having missed an interview (due to cokehead’s mental breakdown/excuse for going on a coke bender) for a hot project manager job after I pretty much jumped the line over a bunch of under qualified folks (no manufacturing experience) to get the interview in the first place.

    FYI manufacturing is the only place I can work in pharma as I don’t have the degree/scientific background (or pretend I do) for QA, QC, R&D etc.

    It might become my turn to stick it to HR recruiting for having played games with me (and many others) for years. To say they’ve been less than honest and played favorites is an understatement to the resentment of many a line worker.

  2. not going to w…oh wait thats just yesterdays comment reworded

    moar coffee! sounds like a great idea

    also some toast…with ham and cheese…mmmm

    funny side effect of yous lot going to summer time two weeks early is that im going to bed an hour earlier now…lol

    bright eyed and bushy tailed me….its wierd…i should probably try to keep that extra hour of sleep once we catch up over here

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