Good Luck! [DOT 13/8/21]

Today is Friday the 13th, which is supposedly unlucky. But I say, hey, it’s Friday, the weekend is almost here, how unlucky can we be?

I guess we will find out!

What is wrong with this guy? Right answers only.

Florida governor deploying rapid-response team to fight Covid-19 surge

This seems only fair.



Free Britney!

Britney Spears’ Father Jamie Spears Steps Down From Conservatorship

I’m laughing way too hard at this what is wrong with me? (Don’t answer that.)

Have a great day kids!



  1. sooooo desantis is sending out a strike team to inject people with shit…people who most likely have covid coz they opted not to be injected with shit
    *scratches head*
    makes sense

    • I hope he’s letting them know that it does not have full FDA approval, and hence it is “experimental” and “no one knows what’s in it.”

      • DeSantis is murdering children now:
        30 kids with COVID-19 in Central Florida’s largest children’s hospitals; 6 in ICUs
        “I wish there were none, and there was a time when there was none, when we were doing the right things last year. When we were masking and social distancing, we were keeping everybody safe,” [Dr. Michael Keating, the hospital’s chief medical officer] said.

      • C’mon @lemmykillmister, we all know what’s in the vaccine, microchips! 

  2. The osteology video is priceless. Love the cat’s disdainful look in the camera. “Can you believe this shit?” 

    • i love how hes mostly listing problems he created 

      • That’s a trick straight out of the Republican playbook, starting with national debt. It invariably skyrockets under Republicans, and then they blame the subsequent Democratic administration for the problem and squeal incessantly for “fiscal restraint.” Then when they get into office, the cycle begins anew. There are, of course, dozens more examples. 

        • well, if the Democrats don’t like it, maybe Obama should have done something about Bin Laden before 9/11…

  3. That collection of spines hanging together brought back a random memory… It was a long weekend and I was helping a friend marinate enough chicken wings to feed a party of 20. As we massaged the ingredients in by hand, my friend turned to me and asked “How many chickens do you think are in this bowl?” My inebriated mind was blown. How many people are hanging on that dude’s wall?

  4. It looks like the press jumped the gun on Mr. Spears.
    He hasn’t quit — he has announced he is Will ng to step down mumble mumble. It’s been a running theme from his side, it never happens, and every time this goes to court nothing gets filed.
    Better reporters wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    • I would imagine “willing to step down” is predicated on a significant stipend from his daughter’s earnings. He’s a grifter. 

    • I was reading (and who knows, this could be PR from her family) that the family fears that her boyfriend is an even worse grifter, and that within 5 years she will have gone off her meds, become addicted to self-medication, exhibit extreme behaviors, have more children, and then OD. And that is just sad. Yet another child star so in need of support and love uninfluenced by money.

      • The courts can appoint a neutral (well, technically dad is supposed to be neutral and act in her best interest, but………..) party to be conservator, such as the state or a private attorney.

    • Exactly. The NYT alert I received said he’ll step back “when the time is right”. As in, why waste precious nanoseconds of my phone-checking day to break this non-story?

  5. Florida man fucks around and finds out:
    Dick Farrel, longtime conservative radio host in Florida who died of COVID-19, refused vaccine
    Uh-huh: While in the hospital, [Kittie Farley, his fiancée] said, Farrel changed his mind about the vaccine. “For himself, he felt he should have gotten the shot. We don’t know if he would have gotten as sick, but it would have been precautionary,” she said. (Farley got vaccinated after Farrel got sick.)

  6. My company switched to MS Teams (from Business Skype) today. Ominous! Everyone HATES it. Even the people who are normally like “rah rah change is good.” Even IT, who usually push upgrades without comment. They’re complaining. It’s not user friendly. It’s ugly and stupid. At least *I* feel vindicated. 

    • We use Teams; it sucks.

    • As many complaints as I have about it, I’m happy our org has used Google Hangouts/Meet since before mass WFH times. It’s not perfect, but I’m sure it’s better than Teams. People who work for the govt use Teams, so I just assume it’s not particularly nimble. 

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