Good news [NOT 27/7/22]

Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is going well.

Let’s talk some good news. What’s good in your lives?

I’ll start with 2 things. First, I’m not hungover despite drinking a lot of tequila last night. Second, while I had a lot of tomatoes split from 11 inches of rain, when I checked this morning all the branches that had fallen over from the weather were not snapped. So fingers crossed they’re gonna be okay. I did tie them up and trim off a lot of leaves afflicted with leaf spot that I could finally reach.



      • Yeah I checked the box score earlier because I was like oh! we’re playing the Blue Jays!

        And then I didn’t comment because it was 3-1 and let’s be real the Cardinals can easily fuck up a 2 run lead.

        But ah, it’s not looking so good for the Jays currently.

        Completely unrelated to scores, blue jays and cardinals are among my favorite birds.

  1. I’ve still got a ton of farmer’s market tomatoes. I got there late on Saturday and grabbed a bucket to load in my bag and the vendor stopped me and said she wanted to give me a bunch more first. There’s always a boom or bust when you get to the market before closing — some stuff is long gone, but then sometimes the tomatoes overfloweth.

  2. The faun that was seemingly abandoned under a tree in our front yard has reunited with her family after three long days of us worrying.  Apparently, mom was coming every evening to check on her and she was eating and safe from predators so she was left alone.  The faun might have hit the fence trying to jump it like the big kids, but when she finally bounded away with her peeps she seemed completely fine.  The wife is sad to see her go, but that’s what kids eventually do.

  3. it finally cooled down enough that im able to sleep properly again

    tho….it kinda over did it last night

    42f this morning…..where’d that come from?

    im only sleeping under a sheet here….little warning next time please

    seems its a one and done tho…so i dont think ill be looking for a duvet any time soon yet

    still…its nice to have the house back under 70f for a minute

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