Good Planning or Planning for Failure? [NOT 7/3/23]

Hi, friends!

I hope your day went well.

I’ve got some spring veggies planted. I have mentioned the perennial kale before here, and yes it’s already coming up too. Amazingly despite the -6 weather we had around Christmas, the fall spinach is like fuck yeah let’s GO and is already growing in nicely. I might get crazy and plant some arugula seeds this weekend.

Average last frost date around here is April 9th. Even then, I will probably buy tomato starts and not plant them for another few weeks after that. I’ve been burned before by late rando frosts.

However, I’m tempted to start some beans indoors. I know they can take like 10 days to germinate, so it’s not like I’d be planting them tomorrow. I feel like worst case scenario it’s a complete failure and I direct sow some beans in early April?

Anyways, anything you’re starting to plan out for the Spring or Summer?



  1. Uggg, just got a call from a good friend & he has stage 3 throat cancer.  He lost his fiancé to pancreatic cancer just a few years ago.  He is really positive & strong person so I’m hopeful he will get through this.  We’re going to go out for beers this week before he starts chemo.

  2. We have a while before we can put plants outside. Definitely going to plant potatoes again, since I have a bed where they grow like weeds. Need to get some snow peas (or another type of pole bean) going.

    We’ve got a few car-camping weekends already scheduled, thanks to the continued campground reservation scarcity here in the US West. I’m excited for the opportunities to trail run, SUP, bird watch, bike, and hike that those weekends promise. They are motivating me to pick up my fitness NOW in order not crash and burn out there this summer.

  3. I should start up the salad greens again soon.

    On the Fox News front  a couple have shown up in the past few nights during dog walks. A couple of nights ago one was nosing around the alley behind my house, and when it saw us about 20 yards away it sat right down to stare. Our dog was hyped, not knowing if she should run to it or away. It finally stood up casually and strolled off.

  4. Unrelated topic…I figured out how to make  Deadsplinter an icon on the home screen of the new phone. Boom! Google is my friend, I am native analog.

  5. This Summer I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail up to Angel’s Rest and back.  It’s only 5 miles, but it’s a 1500 ft gain in elevation.  I can walk all day on relatively flat ground, but I find steep climbs (and steep descents) challenging.

  6. It’s 3:15 am here, annnnd my roommates and I just got done dealing with *another* instance of the stupid fire alarms going off for no apparent reason🙃

    This time, the FD did have to pop the door, on the fire-panel room!

    Because the new keys for that door’s locks, were sitting on top of a bucket…

    Inside the locked fire-panel-access room🙄😱🥴

    I thiiiink this is the second time in the last week, that the alarms have gone off…

    Maybe the third? Honestly, at this point, I can’t even remember😕

    Apparently, though, it’s not just the residents who hate all these alarms! Boy-roommie also heard one of the firefighters say, “I hate this fucking building!”😅😂🤣💝

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