Good Things [NOT 4/1/22]

Hi, friends!

Tuesday is here and wow this day was crazypants. I had 3 meetings on the same project and that was 3 too many. And I have 2 more about it tomorrow. Because of course I do.

What are some good things you’re enjoying right now?

I’m happy the cold snap doesn’t seem to have completely killed my kale. Two friends I was worried about with covid exposure at work found out their companies went to full work from home for a few weeks due to infection rates. Also the downy woodpecker is back and I was worried because I hadn’t seen them in a while.



  1. Walgreens just sent me an email saying they’ve heard our complaints about long lines and late appointments. They’re committed to change and they promise “We care deeply about every one of you. Your well-being is our top priority.” Yay corporations!!!

    More sincerely, I made a chocolate cake from the website of King Arthur Flour, an employee owned business, and it was great. Everything about their website is great and so is their flour.  Support them!

  2. Well, New Year’s Eve and yesterday were both considered holidays at work, and since I worked both damn days, I’ll get paid time-and-a-half for ’em.

  3. My grinchy funk is somehow late for Christmas and just in time for the new year. Bah, 2022. Gah, selfish people during a pandemic, year three.

    However, in the spirit of a “good things” post, here are a couple of delightful diversions.

    As I always do, I kicked off the New Year with The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, to which I’ve looked forward since 2004.

    And whilst I was searching in vain for the usual follow-up, The Big Fat Quiz of Everything, I go into this new game show, I Literally Just Told You.   The premise is that many of the questions are culled from what might typically be considered throwaway banter with the contestants. The question writers turn around the questions live during the taping, so you need to pay attention the whole time. The first episode was brilliant and the contestants were great. The second went off the rails in a completely different sense, but it seems intriguing enough for me to keep watching, even if it is Jimmy Carr hosting.

  4. i just had a steak n ale pie for breakfast

    found it in the bargain bin yesterday…which was kind of amazing…coz i didnt even know the shop sold proper pies

    still not convinced they do….coz i cant find them anywhere

    was a delicious breakfast tho

    now i just need to find a cornish pasty and ill feel just like im at other home!


  5. Here is some political insight found and sent along by me, covering the overnight desk:

    “I think Hakeem [Jeffries, D-NY] has the temperament [to be the next Democratic Speaker of the House, or Minority Leader if the Democrats lose the House], he has the intelligence, I think he has the vision and is the perfect bridge between the older and younger generations,” one member of the Congressional Black Caucus told The Post. “He is a product of not only Brooklyn, but he — like many, many younger members of Congress — is connected to hip-hop. And I think that he understands what it means to be a coalition builder.”

    Hakeem Jeffries is 51. We will have to take this Congress member’s word for it that Rep. Jeffries is connected to hip-hop. He might be. Snoop Dogg is 50. Tupac Shukar, if he is in fact still alive, is 50.

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