Good Things Post [4/3/21]

picture of David Schitt and quote "I feel like that needs to be celebrated"

Hi, friends! It’s been a while, let’s have a good things post.

What’s something good in your life? Something good you saw or read? Something good you’re looking forward to?

I’ll start in the comments.



  1. I almost got in a bad accident yesterday, swerved at last minute before impact, started to fishtail but got it under control.  Got home & my daughters & wife were making an elaborate Korean/Vietnamese dinner for my birthday.  I hurt my back at work & ironically they gave me a thumping massager.  Then my wife actually planted most of my hot peppers & they are now germinating on the heating mat.  Pretty good night after shitty day.  This weekend we take my youngest to see her 2 final choices for college & I am hooking up w/ a friend I haven’t seen since his fiancé died of cancer, he got laid off & had to move in with sister for emotional support.  Whirlwind of emotions last few days & next few.

      • Thanks for that.  I have been in a few accidents & that one was not going to end well.
        massager is good so far. More research needed.
        I am 99% sure she will end up at one of the two.  She got in honors program for one & got accepted to other but not sure of honors thing yet.  If she gets that it is probably done if we can afford it.  That one is private, other state school.  Both are 5 hour drive though so I am sad to lose my baby that actually likes me most of the time.  I’m definitely feeling pre-empty nest syndrome but this is “good news” post so I will stop.  

        • Friends and family thought I was a real badass because I was like “well yeah, (college I ended up going to) is totally fine, whatever, I don’t need to apply to a bunch more places, that one and Baylor* is enough”

          But in reality I was a giant scared baby and my best friend was super excited to go to that college so I was like I can find a damn degree there and hey my best friend will be going, how cool is that. 

          *my dad’s family in Texas was hard pushing for Baylor which I never understood as no one lives anywhere near Waco but whatevs, they offered me a nice scholarship but with their tuition being 28k a year when I was at that age, ummmm still more expensive than the good state school I ended up at

          • I am thrilled with whatever she chooses.   She is an amazingly smart young woman that will seriously kick ass in life whatever she does.  I’m trying not to influence her choice too much no matter how much she wants me to.  

  2. Ordered Violet Chihuahua her Vetoryl for her Cushing’s disease today. Forwarded the confirmation to the veterinarian office for approval…and of course had a push back email questioning the amount. I reminded them that we have to take it to the compounding pharmacy to be resized from 30mg to 15mg, it is a 40 minute trip, and it takes two weeks to be right-sized. So I  was ordering a three month supply. Miraculously the vet tech sent an immediate reply, said never mind, you are right. Yippee! 

  3. ill be spending me weekend out in the woods and fields….soooo…lots of nature walkies for me….probably a lot of reading too 
    should do me some good to be away from people for a weekend…suspect ill be painfully bored at times too tho….the sticks have some drawbacks

  4. I’ve got some new backpacking supplies, and the temps are only in the 40s at night for the next couple nights, so I’m … going to camp in the backyard Friday night, and maybe Saturday night.
    Best way to test the new stuff. Hoping to have a much more active hiking/backpacking/camping season this year.

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