Good Things Post/Brag About Yourselves [NOT 20/5/21]

You are fucking awesome and you are valued.

picture of David Schitt and quote "I feel like that needs to be celebrated"

Hi, friends!

I made it! The training finished early.

I might have contacted one of the instructors at a few points and been like “hey this is dragging for the love of god hurry it up” but I’d like to believe me and the other 31 attendees benefitted from my actions. I went ahead and took the practice exam and scored a 93%, so I’m hoping to do the actual certification exam tomorrow morning since I’d already planned on using that time for completing the training.

Also, the 1 tree I have seems to have become a roosting spot for a bunch of noisy European starlings. I don’t mind them as birds, except they’re fucking noisy. Hell, it could be like 4 of them making all that noise. All day long they yell at each other. Maybe me, too, since I switched to straight sunflower seed in the feeder and they haven’t figured out how to eat those yet with the husks. And I stopped refilling the suet feeders. Fingers crossed they move on soon. Today was less noisy than yesterday.



  1. *shrugs*
    i gots nothing to brag about
    call me again when the world ends….i may be usefull then
    im big ,i can carry heavy shit and my face is permanently set to fuck you.
    im also a moody fucking cunt…so i dont make for the best company

  2. I decided that I will fly to Vegas for a night or two and relax in a hotel room by myself. Scheduling it for when my in-laws visit at the end of the summer. It’s a brilliant plan. Instead of dreading their arrival, I will be looking forward to my departure.

        • What?  Don’t you live in WA?  Go to Vancouver, drive to Whistler or catch the Clipper to Victoria once they reopen the boarder.  They are all amazing places.  The west coast is the best coast!  

          • I know I know. Shame on me. Since we moved to Seattle, we’ve used our vacation time to visit family back East and in the UK. I’m of the ignorant mindset that BC is just the Canadian version of the PNW.

            • We do call it the 51st state but that really pisses off my BC friends.  It is similar in many ways but scenery is amazing & drive to Whistler is more Norway than PNW. Diversity of people in Vancouver is incredible but the Hong Kong exodus made some things really expensive but upped the cuisine.  Well worth at least a weekend trip.

      • Just don’t go in the summer, it’s too fucking hot.
        Anyways, maybe don’t go at all.  I think all the decent deals are gone, and it’s expensive all the time, when it used to be fairly cheap for a few days mid-week.

          • I’m not a gambler so Vegas is not on top of my lists but if you like gambling you will have a fun time.  The Fremont Street area is fun & less intense than the main strip with cool things to see.  

            • I’m not a gambler either. I’ve been there before to see a show. The food was good and the hotel room amazing. That’s all I’m looking for. I don’t plan on wandering around. I want to lounge around. I guess I could switch it up and go to NYC where the food is amazing and the hotel room is good enough. I would be out on my feet the whole time. But then I think about the climate in August…no thank you.

          • maybe? 
            at least, I can’t imagine it would be more expensive, unless there was some weird convention combo or something going on.
            It just used to be a lot cheaper.
            Don’t listen to me though, although I’ve gone a few or a dozen times, I’m really not the sort of person Vegas was built for, so I don’t appreciate the aspects that appeal to people.

      • come to the netherlands…i can be your tour guide
        farscys fucking tours!
        we have fucking museums,fucking canals,fucking flower fields,fucking coffee shops that mostly dont sell fucking coffee…unless its from a fucking vending machine,fucking farmers wearing fucking clogs (thats wooden shoes to yous fucking americans),fucking windmills(if you listen closely you can hear the ghost of vincent van fucking gogh’s ear as it whistles by…true story..swear to fucking god…anyways if a windmill takes your head off it was not my fault..fuck..did i make you sign the waiver?),fucking trains that mostly run on time…they have wifi do the fucking buses
        we also has a near total lack of hills here…wanna know how far the human eye can see? come find a tall fucking building in the netherlands and see! (warning..shitty dutch weather may fucking interfere)
        anyways that concludes the farscy fucking tours fucking promo pack i think it was pretty fucking good hope to see you soon 🙂

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