Good Things Post [NOT 10/2/21]

picture of David Schitt and quote "I feel like that needs to be celebrated"

Hi friends! What good things have happened to you lately?

I watched a coworker have a tantrum today in front on a conference call, which was great because EVERYONE saw what a twerp they are.

I’ve also been doing high fat/low carb eating for a little over a week. I have a tendency to eat my feelings and get in binge cycles, and I’ve had this amazing appetite reduction. The ability to go through my day with manageable appetite levels near mealtimes compared to feeling ravenous all the time and then shame spiraling over a binge…. I mean damn it’s so nice.

I feel normal.

Also, when I realized I could just eat an avocado with breakfast. Or eat more avocado later. I could eat as much avocado as I wanted…



  1. Perfect avocado usage! Cutting an avocado in half, pouring a bit of salt on it and eating it with a spoon is like a hard-boiled egg times 10 without having to waste time hard-boiling an egg or eating fetus (fetus is mammal? k but eating it is also fowl) is the PERFECT breakfast recipe.

  2. My wife emptied her iCloud photo roll and made a collage of our trips over the past twelve years. We had a great time reminiscing (150,000 miles, and no punches thrown!) and got some nice wall deco out of it.

  3. I woke up w/ at 530am stressing w/ a deadline & a flaky computer.  Sure enough my computer crashes right out of the gate & the program I needed kept crashing the computer.  Finally I remembered a book I had that helped me have an alternative route to get it done, 15 mins b4 deadline & the client happy with no changes.  Then an unexpected guardian angel offered to help fix my computer issues.  Long stressful day but things are looking better.  

  4. In spite of freezing rain last night I managed to walk my dog this morning for the full hour and didn’t fall. I had a couple of slips but stayed upright. 

      • It can be funny theoretically, but I have too much residual trauma from the many times my neurotic German shepherd wiped out on the ice and ended up injured because he’d go into panic mode. A couple of times he ripped off a claw. Ugh, that dog. I simultaneously miss that weirdo and acknowledge that life is a lot calmer without him. 

  5. I finished installing the last of my blinds.  Cleaned the house.  Cleaned out my fridge (ugh) of old (rotting) food.  Installed the dash cam.
    My week off is now mission(s) accomplished.

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