Good Websites [NOT 3/2/23]

Where Do You Go When You Go Online But Not Social Media?

People in 1920s performing calculations
The Bonus division where the many clerks figure the amount of the bonus each veteran is entitled to / ca 1909 /

What’s Good Online?

Alas, the latest version of Gawker lost its funding and they will be publishing no more. OK, fine, they didn’t manage the snap and weirdness of the old Gawker, but they still had some decent moments.

So another good website has gone dry. But there are still some good ones. Which ones do you like (besides Deadspinter, of course)? And why?

One I like is, which as many of you know was founded by former writers for Deadspin who quit en masse when the new owners told them to stick to sports.

A couple of other refugee sites are, which was founded by writers fleeing Jalopnik, and, which was originally part of The Onion but eventually found a non-Spanfeller home. used to be a part of the Nick Denton multiverse, and they’re still keeping the flame alive. They’re all good!

In other corners of the interwebs, does fantastic deep dives into the details of politics and national security. Very interesting stuff there. is an unbelievably deep and funny catalog of all of the tropes of, well, TV, as well as movies, books and more. If you want to know why so much of pop (and high) culture seems so familiar, that’s the place for you. was founded by some refugees from Cracked, which had a brief moment in the sun, and writers such as Seanbaby are still producing a lot of funny, weird deep dives into subjects as odd as the history of Buster Brown, unsettling rap music produced by the Chinese Communist Party, and Warren G. Harding’s sex letters.

Le due cucine by Augusto Grossi, 1878
Le due cucine / Augusto Grossi / 1878 / source:

On the eating and drinking front, is a fantastic source for baking recipes. Home of King Arthur Flour, they’re also employee owned! is head and shoulders above the typical food blog content, with well written and well tested recipes that actually think about what they write about. Shut Up About Barclay Perkins is a great resource for beer history, as well as funny travel stories.

Oh, and how could I forget the Library of Congress, with their digital collections providing tons of material, much of it in the public domain. I go to them all the time for images for posts.

So share, Deadsplinteratti – what are websites, blogs, and other non-social media places you go online. Open up your bookmarks and let the group know a couple of good sources for reliable information, or humor, or TV reviews, or anything else you like. We don’t have to rely on Zuckerberg to filter what we see.



      • So…. in the most oblique, evasive, non-graphic, metaphorical way possible, explain how that’s different from a bidet.

        Because I’m intrigued by the idea of a bidet, if only I could convince the rest of my family.

        • Warm water bidets are amazing. I had a fancy hotel stay once for work and the toilet had one and wow once I figured out the settings, it was so nice.

          Unfortunately the only one I could adapt on my home bathroom without significant renovation is a cold water bidet, and holy fuck given how much I don’t want cold water on my hands for several months each winter I fucking have ZERO interest in my vulva or butthole experiencing that cold spritz experience.

          • The closest analogy I could come up with is… wouldn’t it be nice to jump into a nice warm shower after using the potty?

            But the complications about shampoo and conditioner and towels got to be too complicated.

            • I mean it was finish my business, spritzy spritzy, then blot dry with a small amount of toilet paper.

              To be completely crass, I really think it would have been a game changer for a period where I was using pads instead of tampons for feeling less sloppy.

        • Well, from what I can tell, the testicle jacuzzi is only big enough to accommodate one pair of testicles.

          I’ll let you know when mine arrives in the mail.

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