got to do something [DOT 4/8/20]

There are less than 100 days until the US elections. The media assures me that Biden is eroding trump’s base

and losing the support of white women.

Even Fox News claims he’s losing.

So why does my anxiety increase every time I hear the phrase blue tsunami? Because we have been here before. In the beginning the trump campaign was treated like entertainment, a circus featuring Donny the Surly Clown.

To almost everyone’s surprise, including his own, the buffoon won. Almost immediately the countdown to impeachment began. We told ourselves a guy this crooked couldn’t hold the office for long. Tax records were leaked, Comey was fired, a special counsel was appointed to investigate “this Russia thing“. Robert Mueller didn’t save us, trump was indeed impeached, but stayed in office. Gridi Amin, his family, and campaign continue to grift the American people, and commit murder by virus with impunity. So you’ll forgive me if I’m apprehensive about the outcome in November.

President Obama, in his eulogy for John Lewis said,

If we want our children to grow up in a democracy, not just with elections, but a true democracy, a representative democracy, and a big-hearted tolerant, vibrant, inclusive America of perpetual self-creation, then we’re going to have to be more like John. We don’t have to do all the things he needed to do because he did them for us. But we got to do something.”

I know this is a politically aware bunch of people. Hopefully a politically active group as well. But Covid 19 has upended many of our normal activities. This is a reminder that there are still things we can do from our homes.

You are probably already familiar with these, and other ways I haven’t even heard of. Share your ideas, and tips with the rest of us.

For those of you lucky enough to live outside the US don’t get complacent. Authoritarianism is the hot thing with old, white men these days. Demand accountability from your governments as well. Insist that they hold America answerable for its actions as they impact the world.



    • Shamelessly stolen from Reddit:

      He’s still playing out Apprentice scripts.
      Producers create a “problem,” immigration, hurricane, pandemic…whatever.
      Trump makes dramatic, incoherent comments about the problem, sends the apprentices on their way, then goes golfing.
      Apprentices report back, Trump berates them for not doing better, fires any that get uppity, and waits for the next episode.
      He hasn’t been able to distinguish between fake reality-TV “problems” and real life disasters that ruin or destroy people’s lives. To him, they’re both just stage dressing to make him look good, which is why the constant pandemic questions frustrate him so much. It’s supposed to be over.

      • From what I’ve read about the show, Trump had to have the firing scene tightly scripted to keep him from screwing things up, and he wasn’t the one actually calling the shots.
        The problem now is that he has real power, and doesn’t have Mark Burnett telling him they’re going to reshoot the scene only this time Trump will be  firing the incompetent good looking guy instead of the competent woman with self respect who won’t flirt with him.

    • Haven’t been able to watch the whole thing yet (I’m on the inaugural working group for my school site’s Diversity & Inclusion team), and got home at 2 am. I saw a few clips over on Twitter, and have it bookmarked to watch later on today.
      From what I saw… it looks like we finally have some great proof & solid footage of Trump’s pathologies *up close & personal* his Narcissism is right there on full display, as is his Antisocial Personality Disorder/Sociopathy.

  1. And yet there are still people planning on voting for this guy, I can’t understand it. I’m no stable genius but even I understand that we don’t have more cases because of testing, we have more verified cases. 

  2. I can’t help but feel hopeful but yes, there’s this undercurrent of fear that I can’t shake. It hit me again today when reading an article about Biden debating Trump. I feel certain Biden can demolish Trump in a debate. A cactus could demolish Trump, and despite Trump’s bullshit Biden isn’t suffering from advanced dementia like Trump.
    A lot of Democrats are saying forget it, why take chances? And I have to say, maybe that’s the way to go. Why give Trump a bully pulpit to scream more lies? The truth never gets reported, and if it does MAGAts can’t or won’t read. 
    Same with Republicans turning on Trump. I read a big article that McConnell had given Republicans “permission” to repudiate Trump to help their reelection chances. And while I’m like, cool, let these fuckers sweat, I get nervous because what if that shit works? Let’s face it, that voting bloc has the memory of goldfish. We need these fuckers GONE.
    We need to prove to the world that we aren’t all racists and scumbags and criminals and fascists and all the other horrible things that Republicans now stand for, but more importantly, we need to prove it to ourselves. 

    • Every election is important, obviously, but I feel like there is so much more riding on this one. And I don’t trust Americans to get it right. trump was such a bad choice in 2016, and he still won. 

    • The thing about Biden debating Trump is that Biden’s strength isn’t laying down a ten point plan about a seven year multi-agency task force with public-private partnerships designed to increase incremental participation in creating a new paradigm of public participation in personal investment.
      He’s also not a soaring orator who wins people over with Biblical language.
      Biden is the guy who responds to Trump’s BS with a mocking grin and “whatever you say pal” and moves on.
      If you watched Biden debate Sarah Palin, it was the exact same dynamic. He is probably the best Democrat around at shrugging off Trump and making viewers want to shrug him off too.
      It’s an oddly specific skill, but it is what a front runner needs to do, and all of the talk of Biden dodging a debate is based on people who have no idea how TV works.

      • Biden’s unique skill is not being able to hide the emotions crossing his face. And whereas for a female candidate, or a person of color, that would be mocked as a bad thing, as a mediocre white dude, that works perfectly against Trump. Because we’re so thoroughly trained to identify and empathize with white men, it gets it across to us and other white men that Trump is not a man to be taken seriously.
        Trump wanting to debate Biden is bound to backfire, because in Biden he has a foil that can not be taken down with insults. Biden can talk policy, and even if he gaffes or stumbles over his words, you know that he knows what he’s talking about, even if he misspoke. Trump is so thoroughly bored by policy, and his main tactic will be to prove that Biden is an old, mentally challenged man who can’t speak.
        The problem being that Biden can speak, coherently, about shit that matters, in a way that people like us can tolerate and people who are kind of over Trump can relate to.
        Trump demanding to debate Biden seems like another in a long line of self-owns. Trump has the weirdest mix of narcissism and insecurity ever.

        • I absolutely agree there is a double standard that benefits Biden that would hurt a woman or African American. They are basically starting every at bat with a strike already called against them.
          I think Obama was skilled enough to overcome it, but Hillary Clinton was not. What a lot of the GOP and pundit dopes like Thomas Friedman don’t get is that Biden knows how the game is played, and he knows he ends up getting bonus points just for showing up.

    •  You’re welcome! I really hate calling my Rep and Senators but I do it all the time. Having the 5 Calls scripts makes a big difference for me. 

  3. It’s fucking astounding how transparent he is.
    Trump, trailing Biden in Florida, a state he desperately needs to win to have any real shot at not getting blown out in the electoral college, all the sudden is totally fine with mail-in ballots in the state.
    But because Trump can’t do math and doesn’t trust polls, he doesn’t realize that (by screaming about how fraudulent and awful mail-in ballots are) he’s making Republican voters not want to vote by mail, while 59% of Florida democrats would rather vote by mail, because the situation is so fucking dire in Florida that they don’t want to risk going to the polls if they don’t want to.
    People keep trying to say Trump has a genius scheme to steal the election, but the dumb fuck can’t even steal Florida.

    • He may not be able to stack the racist rings of his tiny hands toddler toys, but Fuckface McTurtle has put plenty of boot-licking lackies in place to make their devious plot succeed. 
      The goon running the USPS currently should be in jail for blatant corruption. 
      Also saw that Devin ” I hate cows” Nunez has been caught with kompromat direct from Russia with lots of love. Signed, Vlad. 

    • “People keep trying to say Trump has a genius scheme to steal the election, but the dumb fuck can’t even steal Florida.”
      I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with Trump being too much of a dumbfuck to steal states!!
      I do worry, though, (and ADMITTEDLY however irrationally!!), about who has the tech to hack voting machines, and what outside** influences might do, to access, hack, erase, and otherwise-fuck-with voting machines, the transmission of voting data, or simply just launching a MASSIVE misinformation campaign that goes Viral (let alone hacks of things like the power grid, which would mean literally *not* being able to vote, because some states don’t have paper ballots, etc.
      These may be 100% Irrational worries, I will TOTALLY admit it… 
      But DAMN do they float at the edges of my consciousness at *all* hours nowadays, and leave me in a state of “ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and/or ACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!”😉💖
      **non-TrumpCo, and not even necessarily working *with* TrumpCo–but simply the Putin-like other-nation-based governmental & non-governmental actors who want to fuck shit up *just because,* because of the decades long interference by the US–both good and bad–in THEIR countries’ affairs…
      See also; the House of Saud/Saudi Arabia, Iran, The GRU–or whatever it’s called now, China, North Korea, and any other assorted players & wanna-be-players on the World Stage, who could benefit by us *continuing* to withdraw from that stage & who want to keep us in a chaotic state because it’s of benefit to them🙃

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