Great Success! Alternatively, logistics. [NOT 19/11/23]

Hi, friends!

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend went well.

Today I did a bunch of food prep – and it felt like a trifecta. Firstly, I had to use up some veggies that were getting close to being too old (success). Then, I needed to make meals for the next few days. Also great success, ended up with a lovely lentil salad and a cabbage&potato soup. It’s going to lots of vegan meals this week, which is probably for the best given the turkey happening on Thursday. Third point of this trifecta – and the most complicated? Tomorrow I need to take the turkey out of the freezer and start the thaw in my fridge. I have the stupidest worst most useless fucking worthless fridge design – the side-by-side. Which means that trying to find space to thaw a 15 lb bird for several days means some refridgerator tetris. GREAT SUCCESS THERE!

Anyways, back to stupid work tomorrow, womp womp. But I got the food situation going the right direction at least! Bonus – I am making applesauce with old apples so that’s going to be delicious in oatmeal this week. Applesause is cheap to buy, so I don’t make it unless I’m in a situation of oh fuck that’s a lot of apples to use up.

Did you get stuff done this weekend?



  1. I made muffin tin apple pies. I froze a bunch of them, put some in the fridge for Thursday. And tomorrow I’ll take a couple to my neighbor.

    • Do you use the big muffin tins, like where there’s only 6 muffins per tin, for these? Or the standard muffin tin size?

      • The full size 6 muffin tins not the mini ones. I get 18 from one recipe.

  2. I got to the farmers market today and got a bunch of veggies to roast for Thanksgiving. It was crowded but not impossible.

    • Nice! Did you get fresh carrots and did they look decent? In the St Louis area, the farmers markets who have folks bringing carrots for sale, let’s just say it’s clear that we don’t have the good soil conditions for carrots. The good news is this has meant I’ve never tried to grow carrots in my garden, because if the actual professionals don’t have good results, I guarantee I would have horrible results!!

      • I saw lots of carrots but didn’t get any because I’m not a big fan of roasted carrots. I did get some good looking parsnips though.

        • Yum! I love roasted parsnips and have a bag in the fridge to bake one of these nights.

        • Not a fan of roasted carrots! I love them.

          • Yeah that scene in Lord of the Rings when Sam is shocked that Gollum doesn’t know/like potatoes and lists off all the ways you can eat them?

            That’s also me with carrots. Raw, steamed, roasted, mashed, in a soup, I’ll take ’em all!

            • Same here!

          • It’s a leftover from being a kid. The thing about parsnips is we never ate them when I was little, so there’s no residual dislike.

            • I have the same problem with cooked carrots. It took me until adulthood to figure out that I actually love roasted carrots. But I still can’t stomach boiled ones…thanks to being forced to stay at the table and finish my stew as a kid… I tried my best but it was so unpalatable to me at the time that I sat there until I fell asleep and was woken up at 9pm when my mom finally gave up on that form of discipline.

  3. Oh yeah… it’s almost US Amercia Thanksgiving.

    Just got the weekly resupply of food.

    One thing I realized after making various Korean dishes, it’s high maintenance requiring a lot of cooking/prep work. I get why my mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

    Sure it’s tasty, but I’m not that dedicated.

    I also picked up Chinese BBQ to go.

    • Sometimes I don’t mind dishes with a lot of prep work involved, but yeah that’s not convenient when time is limited.

    • Do you have good takeout Korean nearby? There are a couple of options near me, but unfortunately not much family interest beyond bulgogi.

      • Not really. Most of them are around 20+ km from where I live (that’s including the groceries.)

  4. You lot are so industrious.  I had a full day of napping and watching sports and fiddling with musical instruments.

  5. I cooked, cleaned and wrote up two FYCE for December. ’twas a productive weekend for me.

    Does anyone have a hand cream that they recommend? Between the colder weather, dry heat/air in the house, and constantly washing up, my skin is cracking and peeling to an almost painful depth especially around my nails.

  6. just chores here….more chores than usual as everyone else is currently dying of covid

    or at least making it seem that way long as im still perfectly healthy…or a symptomatic…which is same thing really

    if anything i feel better than i have for some time…but thats probably coz ive actually been going to bed on time and not drinking for like a week now….hence ive not been around as much

    anyways…bigly work meeting today in a small conference room….so hopefully im a symptomatic but highly contagious

    • Maybe you can pick up another vicious vice to get you to post more, like biking 100 KM every day or taking an hourlong sauna.

  7. oh wait…

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