Grumpy crabby whines [NOT 23/4/23]

Hi, friends!

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend went well.

Today’s topic is what annoying unimportant shit has you grumpy in your life? The stupid minutaie.

I’m in a Missouri Gardening group on Facebook and we had a frost warning last night and another one tonight. I’m irrationally annoyed by all the fucking people who have been like *lists 7-10 kinds of plants* and ask “are these going to be okay? do I need to cover them???” Seriously, it’s April. It’s mostly perennials that they’re asking about. They’re going to be fine. That’s why they’re perennials here. Also, google exists. Anyways, after typing this out, I think I should just leave that group.



  1. Spring colds. Some asshole coughed in my face at the grocery store late last week and now I’m dealing with a fucking spring cold (at least I hope it is.)


    Also, there is a person at work who pisses me off regularly. This person always tries to put max effort into getting their way out of any hard work.  This is why I despise this person.

    This person did this again today. I was full cleaning equipment (goddamn it was filthy) and I spent a lot of time cleaning out crap that other guys should have.

    Instead of helping us as per schedule, this person sat on their ass doing jack shit for double time. Their behavior just reaffirms why I try to not lift a finger to help this person.

    • I’m really over assholes not wearing masks when they’re sick with respiratory crap. Last time I was at the theatre, some asshole behind us was hacking up a lung during the show.

      Like I don’t care if it’s covid, a cold, flu, etc. Just be a halfway decent person and wear a fucking mask!

  2. Everything makes me grumpy but I must share a weird tale.  Our friends in Germany have 2 autistic boys, one severe that are both now mid to upper 20’s.  They went to some kind of fair in Munich this weekend & the older severely disabled one disappeared. They frantically searched & requested help thru the police, News & social media.  Somehow he was spotted on a trolley in another town.  Then he was seen on a train in Salzburg.  They finally caught him in Graz Austria!  How did he get on these trains w/ no tickets?  How did he cross boarders with no passport?  So many questions but I don’t think they will be answered until they come visit again.

      • He loves trains & is a happy kid with very limited skills interacting with people.  I am sure he was super excited being on the trains.  I just can’t believe how far he got!  They moved back to Germany to get more care for him.  I kept thinking yesterday how bad this could have turned out in the US & my wife said, “but he is white”.  After this last week, I think not even that would have saved him.

        • Girl scouts were scampering around my street yesterday afternoon to run up to doors and put the stickers on them for their annual women’s shelter spring hygiene items drive and all I could think of was wow how dangerous is this basic thing? There was a parent driving slowly down the street to keep an eye on things. I know I live in an area with good people who aren’t all racist gun nutjobs, but fucking hell how stressful for the kids and parents to be doing that.

  3. Too long to bore you with. I am in the middle of an annual project that is heavy in February and then April-May. And always with the upgrades . . .now they want moving infographics. Anyway, I am on my last nerve 😤.

    • Just got back from a long drive, and yeah.

      It probably doesn’t save that much time if people would just pass on the left then move to the right, but it sure would reduce some headaches.

      I’m fine with moving right for fast moving cars coming up from behind. They shouldn’t drive so fast, but I’m not a cop. I’ll let them go. I’d rather have them miles ahead than weaving around behind. I’m not sure why more people don’t get this.

        • Super fast drivers are definitely a problem.  But they take all the attention from the super slow drivers.  Those people are straight up menaces to society.  If I’m trying to get on the interstate, and everyone who is already on the interstate is already going 70 miles per hour, then that’s how fast I need to be going in order to merge safely.  But, if I have some terrified fucking shitbag crawling along at 45 miles per hour, then it makes the whole thing super dangerous.  I’ve even had some assholes who are so terrified of driving that they come to a COMPLETE STOP right at the merge point of the on-ramp.

          As St. George said:  “have you ever noticed that everyone driving slower than you is an idiot?   And everyone driving faster than you is a maniac!”

          • I can understand why some people drive slowly — dragging a trailer,  driving a classic car, or driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

            But then the obligation is to be in the right lane and be twice as alert to the surroundings, not tuning out.

  4. 4 hours of sleep has me pretty grumpy

    im not saying that its not my fault….or that i dont do this every fucking monday…just that im fairly fucking grumpy right about now

    probably dont want to be working with me today….

    not hungover tho… so yay…. thats something

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