Ha. [DOT 21/11/20]

It is what it is.

I don’t care, do you?

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, has tested positive for the coronavirus

Rudy Giuliani’s son tests positive for coronavirus

These I care about.

US records highest number of daily coronavirus deaths since May

That’s some BS.

Kyle Rittenhouse released from jail after posting $2 million bail

“He also credited “NYPD Blue” actor Ricky Schroder and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell with “putting us over the top.”” WHAT??


Well I guess it’s been a minute since we had a mass shooting.

Eight people were injured when gunfire erupted at a suburban mall near Milwaukee on Friday, according to Wauwatosa police.

Just staahp

Trump makes futile last stand to overturn results as Georgia certifies Biden win

Have a great Saturday!



  1. christmas peens! lol
    but seriously…i dont see the problem there
    they’re either candles if you’re a non gutter minded person…or they’re hilarious…if you’re me
    *shrugs* i vote for keeping them

    • Unfortunately, these are all millionaires or billionaires with access to top-flight taxpayer-funded health care. Coronavirus will not be able to thin their ranks. 
      Which, of course, they know when pulling off their masks. It’s the idiot red-staters that are dying in droves. 

    • “He also credited “NYPD Blue” actor Ricky Schroder and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell with “putting us over the top.”” WHAT??

      That also caught me off guard. Not even a phalanx of monkeys on typewriters could have tossed together that surreal combo of verbiage.

    • I suppose one good thing about the lag time between the election and inauguration is that it gives an incoming administration time to take lots of notes and draft executive orders, directives, and proposed legislation to hit the ground running, even in the unprecedented event that an outgoing administration refuses to put the machinery of transition in motion. I hope Joe Biden has an auto-pen. I’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome just imagining all the stuff he’s going to be signing in his first week. 

      • One article I read actually noted that Biden could and would reverse this immediately. Most, if not all, of these changes won’t stick. The intent is to harass and annoy the incoming administration while causing economic harm to voters, hoping they’ll associate the election with an immediate downturn. 
        And MAGAs are so stupid and illiterate that it will undoubtedly work.

    • By osmosis I know a bit about the Main Street lending program; it seems to be a decent plan to get small and midsized banks to make loans (guaranteed by the Fed) to businesses. It theoretically should be helping out both and from what I’ve seen it seems to be working this far. Munchkin (thx autocorrect) is just throwing a hissy on his way out. 

  2. Oh, and this just in: Here’s another Trump con that might go off the rails, his Florida “residency”:
    Read to the end. I’m getting a little weary of how much impact Emperor Cuomo has on the millions of us. Not entirely his doing, nature abhors a vacuum, and de Blasio is like a black hole when it comes to decisive action. But here’s what Cuomo tweeted (of course) when Trump announced his Florida “residency”:
    Good riddance. It’s not like @realDonaldTrump paid taxes here anyway… He’s all yours, Florida.

  3. Does anyone else see the irony in MAGAts screaming how govt doesn’t work, yet here is their elected govt literally doing the opposite of work, because they’re too busy completely bungling trying to steal an election?

    • That’s been true from Day 1, though, and MAGAs don’t care. Numbers are beyond their grasp, which is why they’re both MAGAs and can’t comprehend elections.
      Trump spends 60% of his day (estimates vary — and this isn’t have a work day of 8 hours, it’s 9 total hours daily) in “executive time” which is largely watching TV and tweeting. Golf takes up at least 10% of his time, measured by days played (142) out of a total 1460 in office, with a taxpayer-funded bill of about $142 million. (That’s a rough number and probably low number — I sincerely doubt that he did any work traveling to and from various courses). So we’re up to at least 70% of his time allocated to NOT working, and that doesn’t include sleeping or eating. Based on the numbers, he’s never worked at all. 
      Which, honestly, is preferable to the active sabotage that he and his criminal underlings are currently engaged in. He’s shitting in as many beds as possible (I guess having Russian prostitutes pee in them would be a more appropriate metaphor) to make Biden’s job as difficult as possible.

  4. We finally got lock down in my portion of the GTA which is basically a COVID explosion.  Spikes started from Canada City Thanksgiving and now Diwali.  But schools are still open…

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