Habits that don’t sync up? [NOT 6/12/22]

Hi, friends!

I’ve done some travelling this year, and every person I’ve travelled with didn’t care if they brushed their teeth before falling asleep for the night. I just… this does not compute for me. Sleep in regular clothes or in my shoes even? Fine. Not wash my face? Fine, who cares. Or shower even if I truly need one badly? Eh, manageable. But not brushing my teeth is a line in the sand I will not cross. Before you all think I truly have just amazing dental hygiene – I haven’t been to a dentist in over a decade so that’s debatable. I’m just weird about brushing my teeth before bed.

And I’m sure I have habits that completely gross out other people. I don’t usually wash fruit when I’m the only one eating it. Or veggies most of the time. A friend was aghast when I mentioned this. Another friend is grossed out that I’ll wear jeans multiple times before washing them.

What’s something you’re totally chill with but had another person be like “what the fuck” to you about?



  1. I had a college roommate who opened up the window in the dead of winter while sleeping under a heavy down comforter, until I finally stole his comforter off his bed in the middle of the night. The next morning he admitted that the room was freezing.

    • My wife & I do that sometimes.  Lately, I’ve been getting colder easier & stopped that habit but it is still 10 degrees cooler in our bedroom,  I’m somewhat of a germaphobe for most things but have no problem tasting my friend’s beer when we are out beer tasting or at a beer festival. It stopped during Covid but I still catch myself after doing it again without thinking about it.

      • These sorts of comments on jeans alllllways make me chuckle, because I am *SO* a “wash the denim to death, as often as wearing it out” person!😄😂🤣🤣🤣💖

        Buuuuut that’s because 1. Working with kids means my jeans often DO get *dirty*-dirty, and 2. After 2 wearings–Three, *tops*–my jeans allllways seem to be so stretched out, that they’re constantly falling down after about five steps, and I have to hold them up allll the time (impossible to do, if you have to carry anything!🤣🤣🤣).

        Ironically, it’s never seemed to matter which style/cut/fabric the jeans are made of, either,** they ALL drop on me, after 2-3 wearings… old non-stretch Denim, *and* the newer spandex-y stuff!🙃


        **other than the 1990’s “pull them alllllllll the way up, and *button them under your armpits*-waisted “Mom Jeans*…

        Those ones just managed to drop to my *natural waistline,* and look like “Hammer-Pants”–with the crotch down by my lower knees!😉😆

  2. I once confessed to my basically tee-total family what my monthly liquor bill was. They were agape. “Are you just basically drunk all the time?” “No, the majority of it is that I drink with with dinner, and with lunch on weekends.  I don’t drink canned beer that comes in 30-packs from the 7-11.”

  3. One time I took my friends’ kids on a quick trip to Ohio and when we got back found out that the 15 year old didn’t brush his teeth the whole time. And he HAD his toothbrush with him.

    I guess my bad as I didn’t know I needed to tell him that.

  4. One of my former-roommies used to work at a group home, and staff there cooked the meals for themselves & the residents (less than 6 residents at any given time)…so that roommate was essentially *trained* to be 100% compulsive/conscientious about “best buy” and Expiration dates.

    That roommate threw OUT anything/everything which was past a “Best By” date–let alone the Expiry’s.

    Me, on the other hand, when it comes to “Food that has already *done* the ‘going bad,’ in a controlled environment“?

    Because Dad drove Milk Truck, *and* i grew up around farmers & plenty of folks with butchering skills?

    When it comes to those “controlled pre-spoilage” foods, like Sour Cream, Hard Cheeses (Cheddar, mostly!), vinegars, & Yogurts**?

    As long as it’s from my fridge (meaning I know *exactly* how long it’s been in there, and how long it took between the store’s cold cases & putting in our home fridge), and I am the only one eating it? (I would NEVER give it to a guest or anyone else!!!)

    I tend to completely ignore any & all dates on the above-mentioned foods, and–much like Chowhound’s beloved & long-departed Sam Fujisaka’s “Magic House,”I have a “magic fridge,” where Sour Cream (PLAIN–no additives!), Cheddar Cheese, Cream Cheese, Yogurt, & Vinegars simply live in an alternate timeline (MUCH like the Jeremy-Bearimy!), where–Unless there is MOLD, *observable* different/”off” textures, an inconsistent/unexpected odor, or other observable signs of spoilage?

    Once those items enter my “Magic Fridge,” and the fridge hasn’t lost power or temp?

    I’ll eat them, whenever I get to them–rven if it’s WELL past the “expiration” or “best before” dates…

    because the food *already did* the “going bad” part😉


    But AGAIN–it’s stuff that *I* will consume, and would NOT ever give/offer to anyone ELSE!!!

    I typically have a fairly cast-iron stomach & immune system (during the school year, anyway!), because the kids I work with are walking vectors & mobile-germ-factories!!!😆😂🤣

    As long as the abovementioned foods *are* kept at proper temp and have no observable signs of rot, there really *isn’t* much to go “wrong” and especially not *dangerously wrong* if they’re eaten “past date”…

    Sooooooo if I can CATCH Pumpkin Noosa by the *case* like I did when I stopped at the discount grocery-store tonight?

    I’ma BUY that stuff, and KEEP plenty of those containers of yogurt for a month or two from now, and slowly work my way through that set of 12 regular-sized packages I got for 10 bucks!😉😁🤗


    **Yogurt with JUST fruit–not the types with various toppings, sauces, or textures added!!!–JUST the ones which were processed from the beginning with fruit, *or* are plain/vanilla with a cooked-fruit added at packaging!

    • Completely agree!

      However, one of the things that really pisses me off is when I get ridiculously past-dated dry goods or canned goods for stocking our food pantries. Like I got a box a while back that had a box of Raisin Bran in a cereal box so old and beat to shit that I was like how fucking old is this?


      NO. Just fucking no. I have no personal problem eating unopened pasta or dry goods past the expiration date for typically about a year. But there is not a fucking chance that 6 years past expiration date a cereal that tastes crappy fresh would be edible.

    • It should never have been a contest but listening to his speech reminded me of how education & lack of head injuries is pretty important in life.

  5. i have to knock on the counter 3 times before i take change

    pretty sure the devil will take me or ill self immolate if i ever forget to

    dont think anyone but me noticed that little hang up yet tho

    and i have fixed the problem

    thank you contactless payment! now the small change devil cant get me!

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