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bortaSbIrjablu’DI’ reHQaQqu’ nay’.

(Revenge is a dish which is best served cold)

Remember a few weeks back when I was gutted by the woods being torn down by my parents’ house so that they can build a shit ton of overpriced housing in an area that wouldn’t attract buyers that well?

My parents talked to the builders and they’ve already found over a dozen sinkholes after tearing down all the trees.

Would be a shame if we had massive torrential rains for the past few days really unsettling the ground more now that everything with a root system to help hold things together was ripped out for capitalism.

Oh wait.




  1. Would have been nice if they did a geological survey before ripping out all the trees, huh?  I hate when cities only see tax profits when approving this shit & not long term ramifications.   

  2. We’re going to have to deal with two huge developments on either side of us.  One of which I still can’t figure out how they plan to make it work because the whole area is a wetland.  There is no solid dry ground for them to build on.  I’m sure these assholes have some plan for it which will not be good at all, but at some point the whole neighborhood is going to have to break out the torches and pitchforks.

    • Funny thing about wetlands. If you pile enough dirt on them, they become … not-wetlands. Except the reason they are wetlands is because water from surrounding areas has drained there. So if you make them not-wetlands, you risk flooding the surrounding areas that were formerly dry. 
      Some time back we had extended droughts here in Florida. So developers started building houses in dry lake beds. But climate shifted and things changed and the rains came back, and oh fuck, my house is in the middle of a lake
      Very awkward for all concerned. 

      • Thom Hartmann was talking about how they never mention climate change on the news & as tragic as the Florida collapse is, more people will die from our current heatwave.  Not as exciting a news story but true.  Most would never be able to afford a condo on the beach but are they worth less?  
        Also, even if not sinkholes, if you are that close to the ocean, water can find a way to fuck your building, as can salt spray.  I can’t imagine Florida building inspectors being worth a shit. 

  3. One story…  almost two decades ago I was coming back to Toronto from visiting somewhere/someone on the Friday of Labour Day Weekend.  I knew that the closer I got to Toronto, the worse the traffic was going to be.
    I was driving along in the left hand most lane when someone in a giant SUV cut me off with inches to spare-no signal IIRC.  I nearly spun out of control when he did.  I slammed my horn many times and the guy responded by shrugged his shoulders.  I wanted to hit him with my Honda many many times, but I didn’t (because I liked my car, having a driver’s license and not being in jail for vehicular assault) just fumed.
    About 20 minutes later traffic slowed as this particular highway split off into two different highways.  One was going north and the other headed into Toronto.  FYI, the Toronto bound one was brutal as it was already backed up some 30km before Toronto.  I was heading into the North bound one and who do see frantically signalling to get into the lane heading northbound?  Yeah, Mr Shruggy McShitLaneFucker.
    He was honking and gesturing at me to let him in and I shrugged as he had to brake frantically to avoid plowing into the guy in front of him and stop in the Toronto Bound lane.  I knew from the traffic report that he had about an hour of stop and go murderous traffic before he could get off on an exit and double back.  Too bad.

  4. Ever thought about calling the gubmint? Wetland regulations can be really tricky, and I think the EPA and Army Corps are the regulating agencies. The state DEP may want a say too. Even areas that are wet for a little while can be covered. If they submitted falsified records they can be in a world of trouble….

      • My dad has been, which is ironic because in classic Trump-loving republican fashion, all that environmental regulation stuff is bullshit until it impacts something they care about. 

        No luck so far. 

        I did point out that the concrete culverts they plan to add to address water movement thanks to replacing forest with houses and pavement will probably destroy the nearby creek, so worth checking if any endangered species are there with the Dept of Conservation. 

  5. I tried to stop a development by my old house because of eagles nests back when they were still endangered.  Fish and Wildlife met with me but in the end, they were just trying to pacify the crazy environmentalist.  Register your complaint that you fear your property will get flooded due to it and maybe down the road you can fight if things change w/ your local government.  Around here that works some times, the city is so afraid of getting sued but mostly it is anti-environmental stuff like, that tree is going to fall on my house & you will be responsible.  They let them cut it down in a protected area (to improve a view).  Human race sucks…I’m dropping out.

  6. not exactly karma i guess…but a little baffling…last year the gubment ripped up my street and replaced the drainage/sewer and installed a massive storm drain…i now have super drainage…and occasionally my pipes gurgle when its dry…which is a little odd
    pretty funny tho…as my street does not flood…go a block in any direction and you might be ankle deep in water…but not my street
    anyways…the new system has an overflow drain into the little pond nearby…which tended to flood all on its own before and cause trouble a couple streets down..
    gonna be fun when the rains come proper

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