Half Time [DOT 16/3/22]

Yesterday we had the dispatch from Florida so here’s a little local news from my patch:

DC authorities identify suspect arrested in connection with shootings of 5 homeless men there and in New York City

This is still going on apparently.

Police divert ‘People’s Convoy’ from downtown D.C. during another day of demonstrations

Ukraine-Russia war latest: ‘room for compromise’ in ceasefire talks; three EU leaders meet Zelenskiy in Kyiv – live

Sarah Bloom Raskin withdraws nomination to Fed board



The Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates, but unique challenges could slow its pace

For those of you keeping up on the food porn:

Today in things that made me laugh harder than they should have:

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  1. I don’t follow B ball so I assume the thing with Irving has to do with vaccines . Even if it doesn’t, fuck you, Ted Cruz.


    Also not even remotely surprised that Raskin got screwed. God forbid we actually have someone on the board who knows banks are out of control and need to be reined in.

  2. Yes, Irving refuses to be vaccinated and as an employee in NYC cannot play there.


    Anyone see Senate is getting rid of standard time?

  3. It’s bad enough to be homeless and to be hunted by a psycho.

    That slimy motherfucker should be sentenced to a death match with a

    All pathetic attempts at kidding aside, what the hell? That is pretty damn low.

    At least they caught the fucker.

    • Serial killers prey on people who are less likely to be missed. Homeless, prostitutes, runaways, indigenous, etc. Investigations tend to be slow-walked or essentially dropped in favor of higher-profile victims, or lost between agencies in the indigenous cases. So it’s a good thing they did catch him.

      The reality is that it’s harder to get away with murder now. Security cameras, phones, surveillance, even DNA analysis, and other techniques make it tough to not leave evidence. So predators try to find people that are outside those networks.

  4. Kylie Irving is a massively talented basketball player.  He’s also a massively ignorant shithead and narcissist.

    Fits in with the Houston Rockets who are the toilet of the West and long since eliminated.

    Watching the Nets super team implode is almost as fun as watching the Lakers crash (and hopefully burn) thanks to Westbrick and Not GOAT GM LeBron.

    • I go away for a few days & you guys start talking hoops?  WTF?  Yes, Kyrie is a flat earther anti-vax asshat.  LeBron is top 5 player of all time & bottom 5 GM.  He singlehandedly traded away the future of the franchise to try to get one more ring.  Now it will take years of losing to rebuild anything close to what we had before.  Grrrrrrrr!

      • Welcome to the ‘ol Minnesota feeling, Shaq!

        (At least the Lakers name finally fits?😉💖)

        Hopefully y’all aren’t in *forever rebuild* mode…

        And if Kevin McHale ever starts skulking around, be SURE to kick his ass to the curb as soon as you see him!

  5. Here’s a dispatch from Russia; my friend A. got picked up in Moscow for protesting the war just over two weeks ago. He has since been released.

    Thanks for the support! The court overturned my arrest for participating in an anti-war protest. Now I’m free at home. We will fight on. Putin is a fascist and an international criminal.

  6. This needs more play…


    Interesting Putin story…


    Things that make you go hmmmm…

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