Half Way…[DOT 28/4/21]

Happy Wednesday all! I hope your week is gong well so far.

How can you look at this…

India’s Covid crisis: Delhi crematoriums forced to build makeshift pyres

and think this?

Miami private school says teachers who get coronavirus vaccine aren’t welcome, citing debunked misinformation

Sounds about white.

A Capitol invader left a note calling Nancy Pelosi a b-word. His attempt to walk it back has been . . . really something.

How about no?

Ex-officer who killed neighbor in his own apartment wants her murder conviction overturned

Police union wants to help ex-cop who shot Tamir Rice get his job back

Sure Jan dot gif

This guy seems a little nuts, but you do you.

A thread worth reading, especially if you enjoy duck content:

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  1. Perfect, tragic, ridiculous contrast @MegMegMcGee: Delhi crematoriums forced to build makeshift pyres vs. Miami private school says teachers who get coronavirus vaccine aren’t welcome. I hear that @Myopicprophet has fixed the stars, and someone recently requested a sad button. I’d like to request a “shakes one head in bewildered disgust” button, please.


  2. In MA voters defeated a measure that would lift the cap on Charter schools. I just don’t understand how education can be such a controversial issue. Our city council unanimously voted to keep the statue of murderous hannah duston on display  but fixing the roof of the high school has been debated over and over, they finally approved 60k for a feasibility study.FFS.
    The conservatives at my workplace bitch about how stupid people are, they can’t make change, etc etc and bitch about taxes used for schools, actually saying out loud, ‘I don’t have children why should I pay for schools’. Until they actually have children, then they move to the town/city with the best schools.

    • I mean, the answer to that question is “Do you want your engineers and doctors and judges to be drawn from the people with the best minds, or only the people who can afford an education?”

    • I don’t have children, and don’t plan on having any, but am perfectly happy to pay double or even triple what I am currently paying in taxes, just so I don’t have to be surrounded by so many dumbasses…

  3. Oh, that duck Twitter thread, though. We have Say’s phoebes that nest in our rafters — 3 years in a row now — and last year I actually painted around the nest, but did not disturb it, because birbs.

  4. Nice intersection on India Covid and charter schools in Bill Gates.
    The Gates Foundation backed Michelle Rhee’s anti-public school movement to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, including intense lobbying on the state legislative level and funding for ALEC. His pro-charter campaign flew in the face of his claims that he was data driven and apolitical, two arguments he has long pushed to explain why he avoids political advocacy on behalf of climate change and public health — when it’s a ridiculous rightwing campaign, those things don’t matter.
    On Covid, the Gates Foundation (which wields enormous influence in vaccine development and distribution) has been a hardliner for strict intellectual property controls. When Oxford explores putting its vaccine into the public domain, Gates intervened. Gates as of a couple of days ago has pushed a neoimperialist point of view that other countries simply don’t have the ability to manufacture vaccines. India, of course, has a lot of technical capacity, and even more obviously has the need.
    What Gates has done is put a major brake on the rollout of vaccines in the name of abstract theoretical concerns about intellectual property, and as everyone knows, the exponential growth issues in an epidemic mean that failure to act early results in a huge ballooning effect later.
    The irony, of course, is that the right has pushed insane fact-free conspiracy theories about Gates and vaccines. His cozy relationship with the caste of pseudo intellectual, Wall Stree Journal types on the right has only increased his public demonization by their allies. And he is too dumb to figure out how much worse it will get if he doesn’t admit that the intellectual weight has overwhelmingly moved to the world on the left.

    • I worked at MS towards the end of the Gate’s years.  He was an asshole to most of his employees and would belittle them in meetings.  Ballmer was way worst though.  While I agree most charter schools are awful and way more oversight is needed, some are good.  My brother runs one in Hawaii and I have worked with others in Hawaii that are doing amazing things and they have much higher test scores and graduation rates than public schools.  One I’ve worked with teaches Hawaiian language for kids on Niihau and my brother’s school actually teaches sustainable farming and jobs to keep the kids employed on the islands.   

  5. At the start of a busy morning, I got the first shot of Pfizer.  No ill affects or superpowers for now.
    Next got a regular checkup on my car.  Now it will be off to work where the stupid begins.

  6. Related to the duck twitter… I currently have a very tiny baby bunny. My 2nd generation of babies coming to my garden to eat weeds and seeds. I have also army crawled across my carpet so I could take pictures without startling her. 
    SHE’S SO SMOL. 😭😭😭

  7. I’m really impressed with parking spot dude. 

    Is it something I understand? No. Something I want to do myself? Not a chance.

    But it was something he enjoyed working on for years and didn’t bother others. Good for him!!! 

    • yeah, it’s kinda a weird goal that I can’t relate to, but he doesn’t seem to be harming anybody, and as long as he wasn’t an asshole about it and fighting over parking spaces or whatever: congrats dude, revel in your accomplishment!

      • Tried to relate it to my goal of using up all this craft stuff, but nope, the only way to do that is if parking spaces keep being added to the lot!

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