Halfway! [DOT 19/5/21]

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a good week so far. If you’re still working on yesterday’s DOT, that’s Ok. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

What is WRONG with this guy? Besides everything?

Ohio occasionally has good ideas:

Turns out the chance of winning a million bucks may be a decent vaccination incentive

Nurse Jenny, who cared for Boris Johnson in ICU, resigns over lack of respect and pay for health workers


Ford reveals new electric F-150 Lightning pickup during Biden’s visit to Michigan plant



Pillar has nasal fractures after scary HBP

#RIP. Coincidentally, as I was watching a movie this evening Charles Grodin popped up. His credit is “Commandeered Driver” in So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Oh no!

Galapagos rock formation Darwin’s Arch has collapsed

Congrats and good luck!

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    • I can hear it already: “a feller can have a real good time in Vegas with this stuff…”

  1. Howard Stern had some epic rants about Charles Grodin back in the day.

    • Charles Grodin made Hannity look like a bigger ignorant ass than even Hannity could do on his own!

  2. New York AG announces criminal investigation into Trump Organization
    Well, the investigation has moved from civil crimes to a plain old criminal investigation. Hard to believe someone who fancies himself a gangster committed crimes, isn’t it? 

    • The target right now could be Allen Weisselberg, the chief financial guy for the Trump organization, who seems to be the right hand man in Trump’s businesses, tighter than anyone seems to have ever been in his political misadventures. There seems to have been a lot of shady spending benefitting Weisselberg, and there are good odds they’re trying to flip him. And you can charge an organization without charging individuals too. If there are serious criminal issues, investors can back away and that would be very painful for a leveraged company.
      Although… it’s also possible this is a sign that they don’t need Weisselberg anymore. They may have found enough to proceed without him. Criminal financial charges can be a lot harder to prove than civil charges, since they often involve proving intent, and they don’t usually do this in a haphazard way. Nothing is clear, but it’s interesting.

      • …they’ve been circling weisselberg for a while & it does seem likely that if he flipped it would go badly for the trump cabal…but then there’s the strange way that people who they’d be quite happy to throw under the bus seem averse to availing themselves of that option in the other direction so I don’t know what the odds are of that

        …either way there seems a pretty high probability that of all the shady financial dealings they’ve engaged in over the years there might be scope to pursue criminal charges from some direction or other…it’s a frustratingly slow process…& the looming spectre of supreme court half in the bag for the tangerine man doesn’t make it look easy to prevent it being overturned on appeal…but in the meantime the prospect of investors turning gun-shy & creditors trying to get theirs before the house of cards tumbles surely would hit them where it proverbially hurts?

    • Imagine what could happen if one candidate’s voters conspired to tell pollsters they were voting for the other guy.

      • It’s going to happen if it hasn’t already. Social media makes it easy to coordinate this type of disinformation campaign. Pollsters will lose their shit. 

  3. Philadelphia reform DA Larry Krasner won by a wide margin.
    The idiot national political press was full of speculation that Krasner was in trouble, evidently basing their bad reporting on a PR campaign by local and national police union officials rather than, you know, doing real reporting.
    But you know, some people say, so that’s grounds for running with wishful thinking.

  4. Ohio 100% has the right idea, though my only critique would have been “start with a smaller amount and work up to a million bucks”

    • I’m back and forth on that.  On one hand whatever it takes to get more people vaccinated but on the other, it encourages more people to wait for free shit or the best offer to get it.  If we did the passport route we could have made it so these people couldn’t get into any stores, events, or travel. 

      • I second the passport route. Instead of banning them from shopping, going to school, or traveling, they would have to wear masks… but they would be banned from events and restaurants and bars.

    • The way local news works, I think adding a bunch of winners of say $10K would be smart too. ActionNews 17 in Sandusky eats that up, and getting the word out that random middle school teachers and dental equipment salesmen are winning all over the state destigmatizes the shots.

      • Agree. Multiply winners of significant but not awesome amounts are going to get more people to play the shorter odds. 

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