Halfway There! [DOT 11/5/22]

Ok I just noticed that Bryan made me two separate images to use for DOTs. Thanks buddy!

Fritz had a successful trip to the vet in that he was very well behaved. He got an anti-nausea shot and some pills. If he’s not better by 9:45AM today I’m supposed to take him back for another look. So fingers crossed he feels better and is less pissed off at me for the whole ordeal.

Let’s see what else is going on…

Ukraine Updates:

Missiles strike Odessa; U.S. lawmakers to debate $40B Ukraine aid bill

It’s CHALK bruh.

Susan Collins calls the cops over polite abortion message chalked outside home

Jimmy Hoffa?

‘No telling what we’ll find’: bodies in Lake Mead spark mob speculation

You can pry my shuffle from my cold dead hands.

Apple is discontinuing its last iPod model

Don’t even look at the stonk market.


Laughing really hard at this:

Less romantic places for proposals…and go!

Have a great day!



  1. Nobody knows what a couple’s gone through that TSA line might be the perfect thing to signify what they’ve been through as a couple and what they’re going to go through, that’s my take. Anything is romantic if it means something to those involved.

  2. I think the chalk message outside Sen. Collins’s home is “very concerning,” because that residence is in Bangor. Good grief, Suze, you haven’t held a state sinecure since the 1980s. You totally missed out on the various real estate bubbles in the coastal stretch from the NH border up to, around, and including Portland that have occurred since.

    Also, I didn’t realize Christine Baranski was at the Met Gala. The theme was “Gilded Glamour and White Tie.” I guess Anna Wintour thought the TV soap “The Gilded Age” was going to be a much bigger hit than it was. Good for Ms. Baranski for not just showing up in a costume from the set.

    Which reminds me that I have to continue my hunt for tickets to “Downton Abbey: A New Era.” It’s not really a new era; we’re only about a year along since the last movie, “Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture.” One of the reasons they’re moving along at a glacial pace was provided by Dame Maggie Smith, who plays the Dowager Countess. When the series ended she said she wouldn’t participate in any sequels because how old would her character be? Well, if you stop the clock…

    Anyway, my hunt for tickets is restricted because I want to see it at one particular theater because Better Half, whether he likes it or not, will be taking me to an early dinner at this one restaurant right by this theater, and that theater keeps selling out. You have to buy all of these tix online ($18, + taxes and “convenience fees”) and they’re rolling out the dates stingily, night by night. I will persevere, and I will succeed.

  3. I moved off Apple years ago, but I’ve said repeatedly that I’d buy and maintain an iPod to keep access to the music I’ve paid for if they committed to the product. I’ve got an old and declining iPhone 6 that I currently use, but the battery no longer charges. Yes, I’ve tried to transfer them to other services/devices, but for some reason it never works right and over time songs just vanish.

    I think eliminating the iPod is foolish, but it’s totally on-brand for Apple. “Hey, if you want to maintain access to ___________, buy this much more expensive device.” Uh, no thank you. I’ll just move on.

    • Pity the poor souls like me who have clung to Apple for approx. 30 years and are now saddled with Apple software. Instead of Word for Mac, which is horrendous, you now only get the Apple equivalent, Pages, which is worse. Have you finally mastered Excel for Mac? Have to keep up and now use Numbers, which is, again, even worse than Excel. You can export both these inferior products into the slightly less inferior Microsoft software, but if you want to work in Word or Excel you have to revert your os back a few versions, and no one will really tell you how to do this successfully because Pages and Numbers are the future, my friend!

      And don’t get me started on how Adobe software is subscription-only, no buying allowed, so rather than biting the bullet and buying it and getting free upgrades you now have to lease it by the month. I don’t know why that infuriates me so much, that’s how all the streaming services, even cable in the 1970s, have always worked.

    • My iPod with all of my music has gotten demagnetized. My old computer that linked to my iTunes account is a sony vaio that only starts up now with a blinking cursor. Also, my iTunes account with all of my music was linked to my old earthlink account that I got rid of a few years ago – so I can’t access it from my current computer. It’s kind of bull shit that thousands of dollars of music sits unaccessible to me. Yes, mistakes were made, but still bullshit.

  4. Pfft. Lake Mead doesn’t even make the top 10 list of body-dumping sites:


    We have a long and storied history of dead bodies being found in Florida waterways, both murdered and accidental. When I was a kid, the uncle and aunt of a friend disappeared one night. Seriously mysterious, dinner sitting on the table, car and both people gone. Years later, a fisherman was poling his boat in a nearby lake and felt something clank. Upon investigation, their car was found with them in it. Nobody knows what happened. Best guess is one of the two had a medical emergency and they ran off the road rushing to get to the hospital.

    That sort of thing happens all the time here.

    • So I have a rant about the Green River killer (the only reason the river makes this list is because of him!).  I had 2 friends that worked with him at Paccar/Kenworth and both knew he was the Green River, were beyond creeped out by him, he was the first and only known suspect.  Yet Dave Reichert, the sheriff at the time, made his claim to fame based on catching Ridgeway.  It took him 20 years and more than 70 victims because Ridgeway was killing people they didn’t care about anyway.  When he became our leading GOP hero & congressional rep., it made me sick.  Luckily, people got over his fame and saw that he was not only a shitty sheriff but terrible politician and person.  He has faded away but the way our GOP works here, he will be recycled and put out for some suicide mission like running against Patty Murray or Inslee.


      • also, I’ve told my daughters that if they are ever dating someone and I offer to take that person crabbing, they may want to start looking for a new boyfriend.  THIS is how you get rid of a body in our area.  Throwing a body in a river is a cry for attention.

  5. Cackling in Gen-X this morning…

    Apparently we’re all just supposed to ship ourselves off to the woods & die somewhere, since we can’t successfully hide our bodies in Lake Mead anymore?




    • David Gergen just turned 80 (May 9; happy belated birthday David!) Maybe he should follow his own advice and get out of the way. I remember when Clinton brought him out of semi-retirement back in the 90s to serve as an adviser. It was news because Gergen was a long-time Republican operative. Maybe he has a thing about Baby Boomers because he’s too old to be one?

    • Yeah, it would be great if they owned up to their foundational problems. Someone like Gergen would actually carry a bit of weight if he used his remaining years to name names, expose the system he set up and the rules of the game, and give the next generation tools to fix the disaster he helped create. Instead, what are we going to get? Washing hands and a nap?


      • Problem is Gergen was born in 1942. If he has younger siblings they are Baby Boomers but he is not. Like Diane Sawyer (76; just missed the Baby Boom cut-off herself) he’s a veteran of the Nixon White House press department. I wonder what Doris Kearns Goodwin has to say about all this? She’s 79 and she got her start in the Johnson White House, before she went on to write approximately 700 Kennedy hagiographies.

  6. Even if I don’t want to protest in front of Alito’s place, that spread will get me there!



    Hmmm…this argument could sway our Turtle loving Deadsplinter-ers?


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