Halfway There [DOT 17/11/21]

Happy Wednesday all. Hope you are having a great week so far.

Let’s see what else is going on, shall we?

Over / Under on how long it takes them to come back?

Jurors begin deliberating in homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse

I can’t tell if this is better or worse because it’s scripted:

I wish you guys could see the utter look of disgust on my face rn.

A maternity ranch is born


Alex Jones liable for damages over Sandy Hook shooting claims, judge rules

Keeping an eye on this…

A ‘potentially significant’ storm could hit the East Coast with rain and snow during the busy Thanksgiving travel week

Seems like things are going well…

Fun Facts About Possums!

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  1. Have an amusing dog video on me:

    I had to google Jason Schreier but I should have known he was referring to Herb Spamfellow and Get/Out Media. Did you hear about the strange Sam Asghari New York Times profile? It was written by one of the brightest stars who ever shone in the kinjaverse, Caity Weaver:


  2. I read about the Alex Jones thing yesterday and something about it confused me.  Seems he’s been deemed liable in all 10 lawsuits against him, yet in at least one of them, he’s still going to have a jury trial.  I have no idea how that’s possible.

    • …I could be wrong but the impression I was under was that because he refused to provide the information the courts requested he lost the cases by default…which left the two trials that are due to require jury decisions to be what determines the amount of compensation he should pay?

      • Yes, the jury ruling will just be about how much to pay for damages.

        I am guessing that the plaintiffs suffered an incredible amount of abuse resulting from Jones’s broadcasts, although I don’t know what kind of legal liability he would have, or whether his bad faith engagement hurts his ability to challenge efforts to collect money from him. The Supreme Court already declined to hear one appeal of his, so I don’t know whether or not he can keep stringing things out.

        I’d love to see a good analysis of what would be involved in making him pay up, since I think there is a decent chance his finances are deliberately obscure. It would help to get a comparison to what it took to get at real estate and bank accounts of scammers, and break down the walls of corporations they set up.

  3. My prediction: Within 18 months, there will be an investigation of the “maternity ranch” for selling babies.

    I used to work with a guy who did evangelical “counseling” to get pregnant women to “keep” their babies. I asked him if his organization also provided day care, job training, or financial assistance. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess his answer and decide how many babies he actually “saved.”

    • Nothing like free range Texan children, so tender and meaty.  It’s fine when you don’t see how they sell rights to hunt them down for sport or go to the slaughter house but gets a little disturbing if you see the whole process through.

      • And I just wanna ADD the fact that NONE of this shit would EVEN BE NECESSARY, if folks would just get behind FACT-BASED Sex Ed, and ALLOW free, easy access to ALL FORMS OF BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!



        • The thing is, I’m not even mad that she wants to make her weirdo evangelical ranch for moms. I see why she thinks it’s a good idea and I think it addresses a lot of the lack of support that pregnant women and new moms experience.

          I can see how for some women, this would be a great place.

          But for the rest who have no other options? Holy fuck I can’t figure out if it sounds like the plot to an exceptionally weird porno/erotica, a cult, a dystopian scifi novel, or a combination of all three.

    • I tried to find this article in the WaPo app but it’s the biggest pile of shit with a completely useless search option

      I searched–

      women texas abortion, maternity ranch, evangelical women texas abortion, texas baby ranch, and other things

      and found nothing.

  4. Have we discussed the Rittenhouse thing during my recent absence? Because I’m almost completely sure he will A. walk away or B. get probation or a similar non-punishment.

    Closer to home, the Arbery trial is similarly batshit. I don’t think the murderers will get off completely, but I’ve grown certain the punishment will be far less than they deserve.

    • @bryanlsplinter

      I’ve been absent for a few days, and I’ve been getting into some arguments about Rittenhouse in other areas of the internet, and have some pretty strong opinions.

      But, yeah, he’s going to walk.  If not on this trial, then on an appeal. And, although I could hold some hope for young people being rehabilitated, he’s going to be embraced and showered with money and fame by the worst of the racist right-wing, and become entrenched in his bigoted beliefs.  Hell, he’ll probably be running for office within a year of his release, and likely win.

      Goddamnit, this country fucking sucks…

  5. OK, I finally watched the possum video, and that animal’s eyes say, “I did not fucking sign up for this. I just wanted to eat some ticks.”

    Also, the anticipation of that whole 2:20 was excruciating because I fully expected that marsupial to bite the guy in the face.

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