Halfway There! [DOT 27/4/22]

If I can do it then I know you can do it!

Looks like the kids are alright.
“At least one protester conceded on a live stream that the egg-throwing children had forced the convoy to leave the neighborhood.”

‘People’s Convoy’ truckers driven out after youths, residents egged them

So he can make laws, but not follow them. Got it.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn cited for loaded gun in bag at airport checkpoint

Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow warns UK of ‘proportional response’ if it continues ‘provoking’ Ukraine to attack – live

Stonks! (puke)

Nasdaq loses nearly 4%, hits fresh low for 2022


Manchester City edge Real Madrid in 4-3 thriller but Benzema keeps tie alive


ICYMI, yesterday was International Flamingo Day!

Have a great day Deadsplinters!



  1. Power to the People, fuck the Trucker Fucker Convoy.  The yolk has been on the Trucker Fuckers for a long time.

    As for Maddy Strangegun, he must have an inflated sense of importance and SDE.

    In many pics of I’ve seen him, he’s packing heat.  Why?  What kind of asshole are you that you are so afraid that someone is going to kill you?  To be honest, I think many of the folks Mr Coke Orgy calls colleagues in the GOPers probably do.

    As for Sprots, I’m looking forward to Game six of the Raptors Sixers series.  It didn’t look good at all, but the Raps are a feisty group of guys who have done crazy amazing things since 2019 anyway unlike the Craptors of yore.

    This one was fun even though they lost the series 4-3.

    • Trucker copycats, Florida style!

      Right-Wing Protesters Launch Extremely Ineffective Protest Outside Disney World

      Over the weekend, a bunch of right-wing protesters tried their hardest to stick it to Disney and disrupt the giant corporation’s massive theme park business by hanging outside one of several entrances to Disney World.

      The protest, which featured anywhere from “several” to “dozens” of people, per local news reports, took place this past Saturday, April 16. It was part of an ongoing effort to attack Disney after the company came out against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, with protesters throwing out wildly unsubstantiated claims that the entertainment giant supports grooming kids.

      The protest itself took place outside one of handful of entrances to Disney World, this one at the scenic intersection of Hotel Plaza Blvd and Florida State Road 535. Per one very proud-of-himself protester on social media, the “Patriot Convoy” managed to engineer a “blockade” in front of the entrance, as if there weren’t plenty of other ways to get in.

      For those of you unfamiliar with Disney World, that’s actually nowhere near any of the parks. Also, DeSantis passed a “no protesting” law to suppress Black protests, but these people could get prosecuted under it. Oops!

      • Related:

        The Contractual Impossibility of Unwinding Disney’s Reedy Creek

        In authorizing Reedy Creek to issue bonds, the Florida legislature included a remarkable statement—included in Reedy Creek’s bond offerings—regarding its own promise to bondholders: “The State of Florida pledges to the holders of any bonds issued under this Act that it will not limit or alter the rights of the District to own, acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, maintain, operate or furnish the projects or to levy and collect the taxes, assessments, rentals, rates, fees, tolls, fares and other charges provided for herein … until all such bonds together with interest thereon, and all costs and expenses in connection with any action or proceeding by or on behalf of such holders, are fully met and discharged.”

        With this law, the state of Florida has eliminated the government entity that backed the various bonds while violating its own explicit promise not to do so. It is hard to imagine a way that the state could successfully argue that this did not violate its own contractual obligations or unconstitutionally impair the contract between Reedy Creek and the bondholders. Florida could theoretically get rid of some of these contractual issues by writing a giant check to prepay or “redeem” the bonds, but that’s prevented by at least one of the outstanding bonds—2018’s utility revenue bond prohibits redemption until October of 2029.

        That’s a lot, I know. So TL;DR:

        Florida simply cannot promise to prospective bondholders that it won’t interfere with Reedy Creek, and then dissolve Reedy Creek.

        Contracts are sacred in Florida, per the Florida Constitution. Oops!

        • One of the ways Disney managed to get all of these deals was through PR fronts and local organizing. They created citizen and business fronts which — surprise, surprise — aligned perfectly with Disney’s interests. They used grants to academics and think tanks for studies which “proved” that what was good for Disney was good for Florida.

          What Disney has not done with regard to the GOP agenda is any similar level of organizing. And the thing to look out for is whether Disney starts doing this. Look also whether groups with names like Floridians For Lower Taxes with the backing of umbrella groups in the travel industry emerge which bash GOP legislators for increasing taxes — then you’ll know Disney is serious. If stories start emerging in the press about GOP scandals, or pastors of megachurches pointedly holding events at Disney properties, you’ll know Disney is serious.

          But if things stay at the level of bland statements by execs and limited legal action, then Disney is just acting.

  2. kings day here today..which means i had the day off….they should mandate every wednesday off…breaks the week up nicely

    kings day also means its national sell your junk day..so every street in and leading into town looks like this

    needless to say i went for a walk about town…i love other peoples junk…im not going to buy any…just judge you for your junk…great fun

    it was also packed…like shoulder to shoulder shuffle along with the crowd packed…that was less fun…i kinda like the whole 6ft thing

    anyways..im sure this was all very important information to all of yous

    • I love how random unofficial days take advantage of national holidays. July 1st is Canada Day. In Quebec July 1st is “Moving Day”. A large portion of the population swap homes on that day.


      • In Japan Christmas Eve is Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are packed with couples and singles are shunned, and couples exchange exquisitely wrapped presents (one each) that the giver has been thinking about since the last Christmas Eve/Valentine’s Day.

      • By the way, did you know that the concept of “Moving Day” is an ancient tradition? In Ancient Rome, leases were meted out in 6-month increments and always to begin and end on the same days. Rome was incredibly overcrowded and most people rented. Rome even had walkups that were seven- and eight-stories, the rooms getting smaller and nastier the higher up you went. There were no renter protections so you either paid what the landlord demanded when the lease was up or tried to find somewhere else. Right after these moving days the streets were full of homeless Romans, often entire families, waiting it out until something came up.

        • I did not! That sounds awful. Like musical chairs but with lodgings. In Quebec, the date makes sense because the weather is usually agreeable and it’s a bit of a fuck you to the federal/anglophone celebration.

    • …wednesdays off…sounds a bit french

      …or maybe that’s just for schools…& might have been just the afternoon…either way I’m basing that on a recollection from more years ago than I’d care to admit?

      • Wednesday’s were afternoons off for me up till highschool

        High school had different hours every week depending on variables like teacher availability

        I wasn’t there very long tho

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