Halfway There [NOT 28/4/21]

sarcastic mom from That Seventies Show pouring alcohol into a blender with text "it's only Wednesday"
feeling this today

Hi, friends! Happy Wednesday!

My old beast of a laptop had to do a major update last night… it took almost 40 minutes to go from power button to Chrome being able to open, but I made it!!!

In other news, I am grumpy because I ordered a bunch of clothes from Old Navy and inexplicably… the one pair of lounge shorts I was most excited for is ridiculously too big. Like the waistband had an extra six inches compared to the leggings in the same size. So those will need to be returned, womp womp.

In other news, we have a meeting finally to learn the next phase of our “return to the office, peasants!!!” expectations from senior leadership on Friday morning. I really enjoy being home for work so I am not looking forward to this meeting.



    • I am very much looking forward to being able to actually try on shoes and knowing if they fit before buying them. I’ve been holding off getting any until shot 2 this weekend, and then I’m off to the races, well, jogging.

      • oh damn.
        I’ve still got my 10-year old laptop, but it’s my backup-backup (I don’t trust my current backtop, I think there is an issue with the thermal paste, but I still haven’t gotten around to trying to open it up and fuck with it, so…)
        It still works fine for googling linux problems when my current laptop is borked, but it’s slow as hell, and the screen resolution may actually be lower than my phone’s…

  1. All of the AAPI hate crimes are starting to make me feel paranoid. This weekend a large man with nazi-like tattoos walked out of my local (Jewish owned) grocery store and I averted my eyes and gave him a wide berth. Sigh.

  2. i finally joined the not so exclusive club of people who have had packages not deliverered
    woooo yay!
    apparently it was delivered and signed for in person last friday at 21:45 (which is pretty late for a parcel delivery eh?) 
    wonder where exactly it was delivered tho…coz it sure as fuck wasnt here
    oh well…least amazon is pretty easy about refunds or shipping stuff again

    • oh and on the note of working from home…
      one of my co workers called in sick yesterday..the day after a national holiday..coz he slept badly….
      hes not exactly won himself any friends there
      and ive decided hes even dumber than i thought he was if thats the best excuse he can come up with to pull a sicky (considering its the Qspiracy dude i already had him pegged as none too bright)
      doesnt really help i spotted him with a gaggle of dogwalkers on the way home enjoying the nice weather….

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