Hanging In There [DOT 23/3/22]

Hope your week is going alright!

Better than this guy at least…

I can just hear his smarmy voice saying “Don’t you know who I am?”

Security Called in at Montana Airport to Handle ‘Frustrated’ Ted Cruz


Stock futures are steady as investors juggle Fed comments and policy


Look at these idiots!

Enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Urban Meyer is a piece of shit disguised as a human being.

    His success can be summed up as a slimy extremely overpaid dolt who lied and abused the fuck out of teenagers.

    Yet completely failed when dealing with actual men.

    His downfall shows how extremely inadequate yet somewhat talented (doubtful) people end up in jobs of high responsibility fuck things up and make extreme amount of cash.

    However, to assholes like Urban power and status are the real currency.  Cash is just a perk.  To lose that power and status will eat away at that shit head despite his denials.  Seen it many times reading about corporate types.  He’s probably going absolutely insane with everyone laughing at him.

    • It’s interesting to me that 15% said they drank less.

      It’s certainly possible a lot of people are lying. Although to be more charitable, I’m sure a number of people did a lot of drinking in bars with friends, and the loss of Tequila Tuesday Two For One Happy Hours at TGI Fridays after work had something to do with those numbers.

      • The guys and I are part of that 15%. I can probably count the number of drinks I’ve/we’ve had since March 2020 on my fingers because we pretty much only drank at the bar. I’ve never liked keeping booze in the house (4 boys and their friends in various stages of rebellion…), partly because my dad was an alcoholic and I prefer to keep temptation a little farther away than arm’s reach. I’ve always been far more likely to relax at home with an edible or a vape pen than alcohol.

        I think we got a nice bottle of port on my birthday last year, there’s a small bottle of brandy for cooking, and we’ve bought a couple of single cans of beer here and there. Oh, and Husband has had the same bottle of Captain Morgan in his room since before the first lockdown, because he likes the occasional rum and Coke.

        • I’m one of that 15% too. I stopped going to bars and meeting friends at bars long ago. But for me, pre-pandemic, there was a lot of home entertaining going on among me and my friends, and a simple dinner, especially on the weekends, would turn into a well-lubricated hours-long gabathon. Not that anyone ever really got shit-faced, but two big glasses of wine an hour over the course of four or five hours adds up.

          Now it’s just the two of us so dinners are quieter and the liquor volumes are way down and we’re on a Shady Pines sleep schedule. It’s a big reason why I rarely chime in on NOTs (we usually eat around 7 if Better Half isn’t on a call), then final walk with the dog, then a little reading/TV, then lights out) and why I’m often the first one to pitch my nonsense when the DOTs are posted in the pre-dawn hours.

          • I’m in the 25% that increased. Basically a ton of stress, and yes, alcohol is a shit coping mechanism. We’ve been scaling back but probably need to cut back even more.

      • I mostly drank at home and I drastically cut back when the pandemic started.

        Alcoholism runs in both sides of my family and I noticed early on how I was coping with food a lot more, so it felt prudent to way cut back on alcohol just to avoid the risk of getting in a bad way.

  2. So, clearly, those morons with the Tesla don’t understand that all those cars they see making street jumps on TV are specially reinforced so they don’t fall apart.  Plus, there’s the whole making sure the street is clear thing.  I’m also going to assume here that the driver is using daddy’s car and is going to have some ‘splaining to do.

  3. Our local Sinclair owned station had this guy constantly reporting on homeless people.  You know you are a terrible person when even a Sinclair channel fires you for being too extreme!


    I hate this whole family as much or more than any republicans!


    Poor guy!


  4. Paul Manafort was pulled off a Miami-Dubai flight for having a revoked passport.


    Note: that’s not an expired passport, it’s a revoked one. As in, did someone in the government know something crooked was up?

    I assume his pardon would have removed grounds for revoking his passport based on his prior convictions. Dubai is where a lot of Russian oligarchs have been fleeing. This is weird.

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