Happy 4th Of July [DOT] 4/7/21

Hope you’re having a great long weekend. Not much going! What are you doing to relax today?

The battle for Mount Rushmore: ‘It should be turned into something like the Holocaust Museum’

Massachusetts police standoff with heavily armed men ends in 11 arrests

Developer of luxury condos offered next-door Surfside building $400,000 amid complaints over construction, documents show


Baby, you’re a firework!!



  1. Meanwhile, news out of Washington:


    That URL is hardly up to the NY Post’s usual high standards for clickbait. Just in case they switch the headline before you get to it, here is the current version:

    US priest: Exorcisms on the rise as demons now haunt victims by text

    And I am living proof of that! If you saw my Brain Drain comment from yesterday, I described my inexplicable near-death experience while on the phone making disparaging remarks about communicating by text. Now I see it all so clear, and I am barely breathing.

    Happy 4th everyone! My building is having its first quasi-sanctioned party since the pandemic began. My excitement dimmed a little when the list of “house rules” was circulated in regards to this event (the Federal tax code is more brief and to the point.) But I am determined to make the best of it and show my masked face from at least 6 feet away because according to Better Half “everyone” is asking about me but “no one” has seen me. This should be interesting. 


    • Oh wow, I couldn’t figure out how to knock that headline down and thought WordPress might autochange the formatting but I guess not! Live and learn.

    • I knew it, my phone is possessed by demons! That explains the spam texts and weird autocorrect 

      • @Hannibal that’s it! ⭐⭐⭐ On behalf of all of us here at DeadSplinter, I thank you for answering why posts change when typed. Demons in the phone…or in WordPress.

    • I’ve got a new messaging service.  5G Exorcism.  If you’re not satisfied, you’ll be repossessed.

  2. Really thought I was going to get some yard work done over the long weekend but it’s been raining for 3 days.
    Hey rise of the moors, when in rome and all, you don’t get to decide not to abide by the laws of a place. That’s not how civilization works. Granted, it’s a civilization in decline but even so. Another reason to hermit. Kudos to MA state police for not turning it into a shoot out, though.

    • Those idiots said something about not recognizing the laws of this government or some other bullshit. Got news for them: this government recognizes them and will impose its laws anyway. 

      • We had a crazy next door neighbor that declared his property a sovereign nation. Trouble was – it was a duplex and a rental. He was also harassing the other tenant trying to get him to move out. Needless to say – I threatened the owner of the property with multiple lawsuits if they didn’t get the guy out. I have no idea what I could have sued for but after a few run ins with the law – the duplex owner finally evicted the guy. He sued the police and got banned from our little city. Haven’t seen him since. I’m sure he was mentally ill – but his son wouldn’t do anything about it.

        • My bathtub is a sovereign nation.  What goes on in there is beyond the laws and morality of your so-called “society”.  

      • That outfit is an extremist Black separatist group, and the potential overlap with White separatist ideology is something that has happened in the past too. There have been occasional linkages between Farrakhan and White antisemites, but both groups seemed to have decided that the minuses of an alliance outweigh the plusses.
        It’s hard to say where a new, stronger bond would go. During the 60s stricter takes on the 2nd Amendment were driven to a large extent by fears of Blank Panthers openly carrying weapons and citing the Second. These guys are nutty enough it may have a similar effect.
        Or, it may signal that White extremists are so hellbent on violence that they don’t care about optics at all. Right wing politicians may think they can finesse these guys, and possibly use them against the Left, but any kind of enabling of these kooks is playing with fire. If the calculation is that they can be used as a wedge issue, I think it would be another sign that the Right doesn’t get Black voters, even bigger than the Kanye West scam.

    • That’s why they should be known as moops (I’m guessing these are the same group of clowns who tried to steal that woman’s house.)

      • Yep, same group. 

  3. Allergies hit me hard yesterday, I spent most of the day napping and went to bed at 10 even with the fireworks going off. Slept until almost eight. I need to get some chores done today.

  4. Happy US Amercia Day, Revolutionaries!

  5. Thankfully Boggs seemed ok as the neighborhood was exploding around us all night yesterday. Cuz I have to leave him alone today to go to my aunt’s in Evanston. But I turned the ac on so at least he’ll be comfortable.

  6. hmmm…i do believe i predicted something like this about 8 days ago
    i must be some kind of genius
    really…its a crime im stuck working the floor for peanuts when clearly i should be running the country and taking bribes

    • How’s the vaccine supply there now? Is it easy to get a shot, or still a bunch of hurdles?

      • all good now…really everyone that wanted to get a shot has got at least one by now (cept the teens…they’ll be getting their first in the next week or so)
        that just leaves the other half of the population….the ones that will not be getting it coz they dont wanna

        • So it sounds kinda like the US. Hmm.

  7. This cracked up me *and* both my roommates just a little bit ago…
    It allegorically sums up SO MUCH of the interwebs–with Facebook & Q-anon, and all the utter batshittery out there, while others of us are still trying to make at least a semi-functioning society out here….
    There IS no way, to see that left turn, from the original tweet… just none!😆😂🤣


  8. i just watched america the motion picture

    oh man….that was a trip…sooo many references and background jokes
    its hilarious
    anyways…i feel like i now know the true history of the america

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