Happy Easter! [DOT 17/4/22]

I’m having a super productive weekend thus far! I planted some flowers and herbs yesterday; I finished up about 5 minutes before we got nailed with a hail storm. Hope my plants didn’t die on day one.

Today my neighborhood has an egg hunt and brunch. I’m making crescent rolls stuffed with sausage and cream cheese (not Kosher for Passover).


Have a great day!



  1. The Passover greeting needs some clip-art Hamantashen and at least one Israeli flag.

    Googling has revealed to me that Iowa is 0.2% Jewish, and that most of its Jewish citizens live in and around Des Moines. I would have thought that every single Jewish resident would have been somehow affiliated with the Iowa Writer’s Workshop in Iowa City, because why else would they be there? It’s always good to have mistaken beliefs corrected.

  2. Your annual reminder;


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