Happy Easter! [DOT 4/4/21]

To all of those who celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Guess I was not the only one getting a jab the other day! And because I know you guys were concerned, vaccine card has been located

US hits 4 million Covid-19 vaccine doses in a day for a new record

California scrambles as maskless crowds flood vacation hotspots

Here’s hopin’!

Why Matt Gaetz’s days in politics are likely numbered

Love when Dad gets arrested on the first day of family vacation. This is a guy who yells, “Don’t you know who I am?” at people who do not give a shit.

He said he spent $15,000 on a Disney World trip. He refused a temperature check and got arrested.

Trump and Carlson lead backlash as MLB pulls All-Star Game from Georgia


Gonzaga stays undefeated with buzzer-beater in overtime to top UCLA

Have a great day!



  1. Happy Easter everyone! Today is also the last day of Passover. 
    Yep, Better Half was one of the 4 million who got the jab yesterday, his second Pfizer, and is reporting no ill effects. This is actually a little odd, I think, because it seems like for some people the first shot goes without incident and then the second shot can pack a wallop the day after it’s administered. For him it was the reverse, although the day is young so we’ll see. 
    Today’s tabloids are speculating about why Sandra Lee Of The Kwanzaa Cake abruptly left Andrew Cuomo and headed off to Malibu. It is now widely assumed that he was cheating on her the whole time with all the various young women he hired and it was an open secret in Albany. This is not particularly interesting at this point, but what is interesting is that Executive Mansion apparently comes with a pool in the shape of New York State (what is Long Island? The hot tub?) and Cuomo would throw staff pool parties and host movie nights in the pool house. Think about how strange this would be. My company used to host intramural softball games in Central Park, lots of companies do this actually, competition for the ball fields is fierce, and it always made me uneasy watching people I worked with running around in sweatpants and T-shirt. Just the thought of seeing them in bathing suits–well, except for that one guy, but I digress.

    • My experience with the 2nd Pfizer shot was the same as Better Half’s. Just a sore arm but no other issues. 

      Mrs Butcher got Pfizer yesterday which was good. Between the lack of side effects and the higher effectiveness against some of the variants it seems to be the better of the available shots. 

    • I got my second Pfizer jab Friday. My arm wasn’t sore but I did have a fever and headache, slept most of the day yesterday. I’m glad the Better Half didn’t suffer any ill effects. Still, it’s obviously better than getting Covid.

      • my experience with any vaccine is that they are not even going to start planning my age group till the end of june….
        mid 30s and somehow still healthy 
        that said…we arent planning to vaccinate under 18s at all at the moment…the gubments really sticking to young uns cant get it or transmit it anyhoos

      • I have what I hope is my final appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday and then I can move on to physical therapy. So much inactivity has caused my leg muscles to atrophy, and that alone is making it difficult to walk. Once I’m a little more stable on my feet I’m going to begin my own vaccination process. There is vaccination resistance in certain communities, which is proving to be embarrassing to the City because the rates are highest among wealthier, whiter zip codes and abysmal in poorer POC communities. Better Half went to this big vaccination site they set up in one of these communities and we live in the catchment area so he had little trouble getting his appointments. 
        I am anticipating a very busy late spring. I’m going to have to cram in months’-worth of paused activities. Plans are already circulating to start socializing again, although I think we’re still supposed to be masked post-vaccination so I don’t know how that will work. I’ve put off some dentistry I need done, so I have that to look forward to. There are walks with the dog to be had and gardening to be done on the roof. I haven’t been inside a supermarket in months, first out of pandemic paranoia, then out of becoming halt and lame, so I’ll go back to haunting them again. New York is predicting a Roaring 20s Redux starting this summer once enough people get vaccinated and feel comfortable enough to start moving around again. I can’t wait. I’m a very social creature by nature and I hope this last year hasn’t altered my personality for good. I don’t think it has because three times a week I have visiting nurses dropping in and I’m now bosom buddies with all of them. 

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