Happy Friday! [DOT 19/5/23]

TGIF! Hope you guys had a great week.

I’ve got Air BnBers at the house this weekend so I gotta clean up! Other than that, no exciting weekend plans. How about you? Any big weekend plans?

Ukraine Updates:

Ukraine live briefing: Missile attack again jolts Kyiv; Patriot system still operational, U.S. says

What’s Texas up to TODAY?

Texas doctors depart as attorney general investigates hospital’s gender-affirming care


Top five US executives hoard $9bn tax-free for retirement as workers face limits

Taco Wars!

Who owns Taco Tuesdays? Taco Bell battles to ‘liberate’ trademarked phrase

Make way for Turtles!

Have a great day!



  1. …bring on the weekend…because I got one have pretty much had it with this week?

    …apologies for going on this early on a day I’m meant to take off from that but

    …exhibit #1

    […the replies…such as they are…& what is revealed as you try to see if there’s even one that wouldn’t have been a waste of time looking at…let alone making if you didn’t consider flooding places with bullshit to be your primary vocation…would be a whole other story]

    …plenty of warning signs…like…stringer bell “is you taking notes on a criminal conspiracy [classified briefing]” level warning signs…nobody did jack

    …meanwhile in the red corner…exhibit #2…these assholes actually did get their security clearances revoked…& based on the above even without clicking through you can make a pretty fair bet that must mean they pulled some pretty incontrovertibly not-ok shit

    The security clearances of two men who testified at a House hearing were revoked over their actions in Jan. 6 cases, as was that of another agent who was on Capitol grounds that day. [NBC]

    …so of course after being reminded of that jordan & his boys still wanted to get them on the record as “whistleblowers”…while…exhibit #3…their boy continues to dangle pardons like a…wossname…boss hogg?

    …can anyone remind me why those folks get to be all not-arrested in a country with records for incarcerating more of its population than just about anyplace?

  2. We had an earthquake!


    Well, I was actually up at 1:50 this morning, because I have given up all pretense of trying to keep any kind of normal hours, and I didn’t feel anything. I remember the one from 2011 though. I was in my cubicle, in my company-supplied Aeron chair knockoff, and actually kind of slid out of it. Rolled out of it. Kind of. People were freaking out. Apparently I was the only one who had ever experienced one before (in LA, of course, two in fact, because I am lucky that way) so I called out, “It’s a minor earthquake. We’re not under attack. Just stay away from the windows, just in case.” That was the one that was centered in Virginia. It “broke” the Washington Monument, that’s all I remember of it.

    • Mild earthquakes are very freaky if you’re not used to them. We had one here about 5 or 6 years ago (actually the epicenter was in the Caribbean somewhere) and it was really weird. I thought I was having some sort of inner ear or balance issue, and then people in the office started asking “Did you feel that?” We finally evacuated out into the parking lot just in case, but we didn’t get any more aftershocks. Apparently Florida has a lot of them but they’re too minor to be noticed by anything but seismographs.

      • We had one (thanks, New Madrid* Fault) last year when I was getting my hair done. Just felt like a sonic boom. Like we all were wondering if lightning hit a transformer or something.

        *It’s pronounced MAAD-rid, not like the capital of Spain. Because Missouri. Not to be confused with Cairo, Illinois, which is right on the Mississippi and basically Missouri, and pronounced KAY-ro. Like the corn syrup.

    • We have had a couple way up in northern NY lately as well. 1st one at like 3 in the morn and I slept through it, second one I felt. Apparently we are near a very old fault line (the Adirondacks are old, relatively).

  3. I remember when LeBron James of all people tried to trademark Taco Tuesdays because he’s like the other GOAT Mike (Jordan), another jock who thought his outworldly sports talent meant he could do anything.

    Made him look like an idiot.

  4. CNN has an article about why some people are more attractive to mosquitoes, reminding me of the conversation in the NOT yesterday.

    Turns out we mosquito attractors have elevated levels of carboxylic acids on our skins. Swell.

  5. Good news for Deadsplinter: Section 230 survived a Supreme Court challenge:


    Section 230 of The Communications Decency Act essentially gives websites pretty broad immunity from responsibility for comments on their websites, so if I were to say that Butcher and Bryan and Brighter were a bunch of no good dirty scoundrels who were lower than a snake’s belly (HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING) then if they wanted to file a defamation suit, they could only go after me, not the luxurious assets of Deadsplinter Inc.

    Congress can still limit Section 230, but at least we won’t see the courts do it, for now at least.

    Maybe the Supreme Court reactionaries realized that all of their favorite comment sections would be at risk too, and Clarence Thomas wouldn’t be able to write below NY Post articles how much he hoped the sheeple would wake up to Hellary Klinton’s evil plans.

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