Happy Galentine’s Day

I have a confession to make Deadsplinter, I was one of those insufferable cool girls who hung out mostly with guys. I was both irritated by and envied the besties who double dated, shared clothes, and couldn’t go to the bathroom alone. I do have one friendship that has survived for over thirty years and I am profoundly grateful to her for putting up with me for so long.

In spite of being a fictional holiday, created by fictional character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day has become an actual thing, with parties and gifts, pink drinks and food. But my best friend lives in another part of the country, and travels frequently for work. I’ll text her, maybe send her this link, mix up something appropriately girly to sip, and watch the perfect movie for a holiday dedicated to celebrating women’s friendships – Muriel’s Wedding!

For the one person out there who hasn’t seen Muriel’s Wedding, and shame on you by the way, it’s the story of awkward Muriel Heslop, who longs to get out of tiny Porpoise Spit, Australia, earn the respect of the local mean girls, and find true love. On her journey of self discovery she listens to Abba, learns the value of genuine friendship, tries on wedding dresses, and achieves a measure of self acceptance. None of it in a cheesy Rom/Com way. It’s funny, quirky, and heartbreaking. Muriel’s Wedding is available to rent from iTunes, Prime Video, YouTube, and Vudu.



  1. I want to know who the hell decided that Toni Collette is somehow supposed to be ‘awkward’ and ‘chunky’ when she’s a perfectly gorgeous and ethereal woman? Here’s my Galentine’s / Toni Collette Appreciation Day Movie:

    • Right? Especially compared to Cameron Diaz who I always thought was more cute than beautiful, wholesome and all American. Not exactly a glamorous femme fatale. But in the case of Muriel’s Wedding that’s part of the premise. That Muriel is every bit as good as her friends, she just doesn’t realize it. The way she looks in the titular wedding scene- GORGEOUS!

  2. …all for all things Parks&Rec..but I still think Leslie missed a trick by not forcing Ron to host a matching “Palentine’s Day” for the boys…she is all about the equality after all?

    …plus he’d hate it…but probably learn some valuable lesson or have an emotional epiphany or something

  3. I have been with my now-husband for 11 years. We have never once done anything for Valentines’ Day, but one year, my good friend and I accidentally went to PF Chang’s on Valentines’ Day (like, went there on purpose, forgot it was V-Day because it was in the middle of Mardi Gras). We were out in the suburbs running errands for Mardi Gras crafts and got hungry.

    Anyway, now we go there every year on Valentines’ Day. This year it lands on a parade day and is blocked off so we can’t go, so we are cooking PF Chang’s food at her house instead.

    PF Chang’s is fine but it’s not like, a place I ever go. But we did it then and made it into a thing.

    My husband will be at home alone (he won’t care).

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