Happy Halloween! [DOT 31/10/22]

Hi gang! Hope you had a nice weekend. Today is Halloween – are you ready for the trick-or-treaters? Do you get many? I used to get a lot but the last two years have been a little light.

This is horrific

‘It was almost post-apocalyptic’: A reckoning awaits Seoul’s crowd tragedy

American student killed in Seoul was on ‘first big adventure,’ father says


Lula da Silva will return to Brazil’s presidency in stunning comeback

Musk posts baseless conspiracy theory about Paul Pelosi attack on Twitter


Stock futures are little changed with Dow on track for best month since 1976


Amid the MAGA hats at Trump’s Doral, LIV Golf finds niche


D.H. Peligro, drummer of legendary punk rock band Dead Kennedys, dies at 63

Have a great day!



  1. My brain is so fogged out by overwork and my Mysterious Illness (I hope it’s not consumption) that I have nothing to contribute but this:

    If today is your birthday, you might want to consider a career in punditry. You share a birthday with Dan Rather, Jane Pauley, Frank Bruni (NYTimes Rome Correspondent -> NYC Dining Critic -> OpEd columnist: I’d love to know what dirt he has on the Sulzbergers to achieve that kind of career trajectory at a relatively young age), Susan Orlean, and Sam Tanenhaus.

    If you were born yesterday I have some bad news, I’m afraid. You share a birthday with Maggie Haberman and Ivanka Trump.

    • Susan Orlean’s latest gig that I know of was co-writing for the second season of HBO’s How To With John Wilson. It’s impossible to know exactly what her contribution is, because that show is… unusual, but it’s great.

      • Her stuff in The New Yorker was really fun and insightful. I have a couple of books that are collections of her pieces. She also, of course, famously wrote The Orchid Thief and was a young contributor to Spy Magazine.

        • I worked with John LaRoche, who was the orchid thief in the book. He was a very, very strange individual.

          If Einstein had been born in a trailer park, you’d get John LaRoche.

      • I took set design in college in the theater program. I think I had enough theater credits to minor in the subject, but didn’t really see a point to it. I will say my daughter helped a lot.

        • This is really à propos of nothing but one of my nephews went to a state school where they have all these minors that are cobbled together from various courses. So a certain class in history can count toward a Spanish minor, a Latin American studies minor, a colonialism minor, etc. That’s not really doing justice to how far-flung these courses can be and yet still apply to a minor.

          He is a total bro but in the best possible way and as graduation approached he was startled to learn that he was qualified to receive a gender studies minor. I asked him how in the world he pulled that off. One of the courses was an intro to journalism course, because maybe that would involve exploring gender issues if…who knows. Another was a kind of general pre-law course and again, maybe that would lead to…

          I, on the other hand, went to a very rigid university and to achieve my degree I think I had a total of five electives, which I squandered by studying at a German university and begging them to accept my German courses as equivalent to some of the (inferior) ones they were offering. I do not have a German minor, because I did not take enough of the German classes my American university offered. As the Germans say, “echte Wahnsinn.”

    • I read a headline that he is going to charge $20 (a month? a year?) for people to verify their identities to maintain their blue check status. As someone who has avoided Twitter since its inception except when something gets forwarded along I don’t know what this means…

      • It means he really doesn’t understand what he just paid tens of billions to buy.

        There’s a fantasy among the right and their allies in the NY Times contrarian set that liberals on Twitter are obsessed with the blue check. He’s thinking this is a way to stick it to the David Brooks dream world woke mob, charging them a mint or forcing them to give up their identities.

        The reality is nobody except some brands and a few strivers would pay for it. And once major people who don’t need it opt out, the brand value of it evaporates.

        Without ckecks, you might see a growth in lamprey accounts sowing distrust in Twitter, which despite what he might think is not what he needs.

        • …part of the point of the check marks was to get a handle on impersonation by fake accounts

          …so it’s a quick way to remove a few bricks from a wall designed to limit bad actors

          …pretty on-brand for the galaxy-brained ass

      • …it was per month…so $240/year…I think he assumed corporate/government accounts would feel obliged

        …but there’s a reason that isn’t how it works on any of the social media platforms…& it isn’t because they don’t like getting paid?

  2. Lula winning is important. Obviously CNN doesn’t really matter there, but what’s sad is how the language and framing of that piece sounds like it’s straight out of US political reporter’s  boilerplate. It’s pretty clear they didn’t really engage with the realities on the ground there.

    • It’s a huge deal, particularly for the Amazon and climate. Deforestation reached stupefying levels under Bolsonaro. Also, Bolsonaro has threatened to stage a coup if he lost. Like someone else we know.

      • Bolsonaro took over as the result of a de facto coup, and he may still launch one, as the article only vaguely alludes to. The article bends over backwards to label Lula as a Leftist, works overtime to normalize Bolsonaro, and frames division as a both sides issue where the reasonable right might unite if only the “Leftists” are kind and understanding.

        They’ve only had years to get a decent fix on who the right wing is. We can’t possibly expect them to get it right any faster…

    • …there’s a twitter account who has been throwing out 1st world stories using the conventions with which third world news is reported & it’s quite instructive sometimes

  3. I accidentally cut the top of one of my fingers doing dishes on Sunday morning and it’s the perfect spot to temporarily ruin my fingerprint lock on my cell phone and cause a lot of fatfinger typing (thanks to the bandaid), and annoy me typing at work.

    Such a stupid problem to have!

    • Ha! I got Superglue on my index finger, and it fucked up my phone print for days. Fortunately, anticipating the possibility that I could lose my hand in an accident and not be able to call for help, I programmed ALL my prints into the phone. But yeah, it was like 3 days of “What? Fuck. Other finger. Get it in the center … Dammit, my finger isn’t wet! MOTHERFUCKER!”

      I don’t deal well with adversity.

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