Happy Hour [11/2/22]

Got the winter blues? Now you can drown your sorrows with matching suds. French brewer Hoppy Urban Brew has released Line, a beer naturally colored with the algae, spirulina. Spirulina is said to provide many health benefits. Ashibiri Brewing in Japan has been tinting beer with the algae since 2014 as part of their colorful selection of beverages.

Whatta you think, Deadsplinters? Is blue beer appealing or unappetizing?



  1. blue beer has my attention

    still has to taste good tho…cant say ive had many good experiences with novel coloured alcohol….but i’d try it for sure

    tbh..that light blue looks like something i’d want to drink…i just probably wouldnt be expecting beer flavour

    hope it doesnt cause nuclear beer farts

    • The Japanese beer looks better to me too, the light blue makes it cold and crisp. I don’t even like beer but I’d try it.

  2. Based on appearance, I imagine blue beer tasting like Zima. Definitely citrus flavored. If it didn’t, I think I might find the dissonance between taste and looks to be pretty weird.

    That said, I’d try it.

    • I never drank Zima , was it blue?

      • My vague memory is that Zima was clear and tasted like vodka and semi-flat seltzer with a little bit of unsweetened Koolaid. I’m not sure why it never took off considering how appealing that sounds.


        • In some circles, the thing to do was to use Zima as a mixer, with say, some flavored brandy.

        • Hmm, why not just have a vodka gimlet? There’s no accounting for taste.

      • blue dogcollar is right, it was clear. Mostly it tasted kind of like Sprite without as much sugar. The alcohol content was so low that it really wasn’t … useful? Maybe? I mean, drinking without drinking is kinda pointless.

        I will say it did have its advocates. It got brought back a few years ago as a sort of “retro” promotion and I think it did pretty well.

  3. In my experience, anything that goes out of its way to tell you it’s hoppy is probably going to be incredibly bitter and lack any semblance of balance.

    • Ah, good to know.

  4. Another excellent blue drink is the Blue Whale. I am a lover of “tiki” drinks and sometimes serve quantities of Blue Whales out of a glass punchbowl. It’s a nice iridescent blue, so it’s like this unearthly orb has landed on your party table (or kitchen island in my case.) They’re super simple. A basic one is 2 parts light rum, 1 part blue curaçao, and 1 part pineapple juice. Add lots of ice. If you use a dark rum you get a more greenish color, which is fun for Halloween.

    • I would drink that. The local college team colors are blue and white, so drinks with blue curaçao are everywhere. Some of them are pretty bad. But I don’t think you can go wrong with rum and pineapple juice.

      • Another way to get a blue drink is to have gin and tonic under a blacklight.

        • Gin is the one spirit I cannot abide.

          • Vodka tonic?  I’m pretty sure it’s the quinine that does it.

            • That I can do!

  5. It’s probably been a year or more since I’ve had Buffalo Trace.  It’s fucking good.

    • My daughter lives by their distillery. The whole town smells like mash.

  6. Blue is an interesting and slightly off-putting drink colour choice for me. Then again I love blue raspberry Slush Puppies!

    Here’s an article about the appeal or lack there of.

    • Slushies and Slurpees are incredible with Captain Morgan in them.

      • When my brother was in college he and one of his buddies had summer jobs at a convenience store. They used to spike their Slurpees with vodka and stay buzzed all day.

      • You just blue my mind! I can’t believe that I never thought of that before. Especially in the Summers.

        • And you can carry it around and nobody will know.

    • That’s interesting, thanks. But I never understood why blue became associated with raspberry.

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