Happy Hour [11/3/22]

I need a drink

It’s Johhny Appleseed Day.

I hate apples. Applesauce is tolerable in the winter only because I can’t get any local fresh fruits. Apple pie is overrated. Apple is always the last flavor left in the diner jelly caddy because it’s the worst. I will drink hard cider, it’s better than beer but not as good as bourbon. Apple brandy? Nope. Appletinis? *gag* Still, he seems to have been a decent guy, better than many of the people we celebrate. To John Chapman – pioneer, nurseryman, conservationist! I’ll drink to him but not with an apple beverage. How about you, Deadsplinters?



  1. cider better than beer?


    i’ll let that slide coz i like you

    like most everyone that had the opportunity to be 18 in the uk…i am absolutely traumatized by my cheap cider nights…and even the smell of it makes me consider hurling to this day

    • Hops are the worst, because they’re so bitter, so it’s cider & only cider, here….


      Buuuut we also didn’t get any ciders other than Woodchuck (two flavors-the green-label one and the red-label)) or  Ace pear cider, with any regularity in this part of the US, until the last 20-or-so years, either…

      Beer, “Zima with a Jolly Rancher dropped into the bottle,” and Boones’ Farm were the poisons of choice when my classmates & i were at that “young & stupidly drunk” age (whiiiich was honestly why I didn’t bother drinking until I was over 21–because those options were terrible!!!)

    • like apples😉

      Buuuut i like the sour-ish ones best. Typically crisp, and eaten with a good sharp Cheddar cheese (like a cracker).

      I also adore Dolgo Crabapples, because they’re what I make my crabapple cordial out of.

      They’re the tree my grandparents had in their front yard-messy a.f. (both in spring and fall!), but they make the BEST apple jelly-crystal clear, literally “Candy-Apple Red” and the cordial is sweet-tart perfection.😉



  2. I’m not able to reply directly to comments

    @Elliecoo – Hooray for good bourbon!

    @Farscythe – I used to drink beer but lost my taste for it. Maybe when I quit smoking? Every once in a while I’ll drink one but I just don’t enjoy it the way I once did. I’m glad you can overlook this one flaw I have, lol.

    @MemeWeaver – I don’t care for grapes either. For eating that is, I love wine!

    @Bluedogcollar – I never tried Calvados, not caring for apples I don’t want to spend the money. But I have heard it was good. I’ll wait until my daughter springs for it and try hers.

  3. oh god…i really hope its not a side effect of quitting smoking

    as im currently on and offing my way towards being quit

    dont take my remaining vice


  4. I am not a big apple fan but the rest of my family is crazy about them.  We do live in apple country so I try to like them.  We made a great apple liqueur a few times but I am not a big cider fan or other apple drinks.  I drank too much wine last night when some neighbors came over so I am back to beer tonight.

    • I like dried apples but was never a fan of fresh. Most of the ciders I like have other flavors added. A local cidery does a plum and thyme that I love.

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