Happy Hour [11/9/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

September 11 is a solemn day in the US. 9/11, in the dumpster fire that is 2020, may be more than many of us can handle. We need cute animals. Fortunately, the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award finalists have been announced. There are forty four photos including gossipy lions,

a photo bombing giraffe, friendly bear, awkward raccoons, a sea turtle who shares my general attitude,

and whatever the hell this is!

The People’s Choice Award Vote is open now through October 11. Each voter is entered in a drawing for an iPad and photo editing software. But we are all winners just seeing these delightful pics. I’ve narrowed my choices down to four – sea turtle, prairie dog, raccoon sticking out of the tree, and penguin march. Which photo are you voting for?



  1. i like the turtle..i think that has my vote
    anyhoo…as we are all remembering the past now anyways…here…have the history of the world as seen from scandinavia

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