Happy Hour [12/11/21]

I need a drink

How do you feel about drinking games, Deadsplinters? My friends and I never really played them. Instead, we amused ourselves while drinking, with all-night rummy and monopoly marathons, horseshoes, bocce, and volleyball in the summer. When I was a child, I loved watching my father and uncles playing Morra at family get-togethers. Though not technically a drinking game, it can be played as one, with the winner getting the point and the loser drinking a shot. It’s a fast-paced, boisterous, deceptively simple game dating back to ancient Rome. I hadn’t thought about it in years until I came across this article about other age-old drinking games.

Have you got any go-to party games?



  1. nope…used to be we drank and smoked pot at a local skatepark and got injured a lot on boards and bmxs…. nowdays we drink and take the piss out of whatevers on tv…maybe trivia night at the local pub and a couple games of pool

    still somehow get injured a lot

    • Maybe the injuries were more drinking related than sports, lol.

      • nah…couldnt be that…ive never hurt myself by just drinking….its always been drinking and

        trying to do sports/walk/make a phonecall/breathing…

        clearly multi tasking is the problem here

  2. In college we played drinking games like beer pong. Now I just view that as a vehicle to transmit Covid/Meningitis/Mono etc.


    • Absolutely, lol. No wonder everyone is always sick for four years.

  3. I don’t have the capacity to do serious drinking games, but watching a movie and taking a drink every time someone says a catch phrase is always fun.

    Frau Blucher….

    • “Frankensteeen”

      falls off couch 15 minutes in

    • hmmmm…guess ill go watch pulp fiction


      take a shot whenever samuel l jackson says motherfucker


      (might wanna call the ambulance first)

      hello? im going to need a ride in about 2 hours

    • I vaguely remember doing that during Bob Newhart. Yes, I am old.

  4. that way lies alcohol poisoning…


    Also, I can’t help but feel it has a bit of a coercive element to it.  I like drinking plenty, but I think it’s best done at whatever pace one is comfortable with, and without any pressure to consume more or faster.

    • As usual I agree with you @lochaber. I always considered myself an endurance drinker, not a sprinter. I don’t want to get falling down drunk too early in the evening.

  5. Drinking games are for amateurs who think they need to have a “reason” to get blind drunk.  My drinking was transactional.  I drank to get drunk and it worked like a charm.

    • It would be great to think up other types of games — oysters on the half shell, Christmas cookies, deep fried jalapenos….

      • Oysters are more of a dare.  As for the cookies and jalapeños, count me in.

  6. Right, my friends and I weren’t even gonna pretend we weren’t hell bent on achieving maximum inebriation.

  7. Century Club.  100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. It always ended badly with someone projectile vomiting. I never played because I have a low tolerance.

    Worst century club I witnessed was when I poured the shots.  Everyone got sick or had an emotional breakdown. Mostly because I didn’t notice not all shot glasses are made the same. 1 1/2oz instead of 1oz.  Oops.

    Boat Relay Racing.  Basically drink beer/mixed drink as fast as you can and pass it to the next guy.  For some reason, I can basically open my throat and down a beer fast. I usually ended up drunk as hell. Two beers in under a minute?  No shit.

    My booze drinking games ended when I left, er, graduated university.

    My tastes became better because I got a job and could afford better booze so I didn’t need to drink fast, often or dumb.

  8. In high school we played a lot of quarters.  In college, my buddy was roommates w/ a Samoan football player that went on to the NFL.  He liked to pick on him in quarters & he was a punchy drunk.  Was not a good thing!

  9. Oh yeah, we also played the Gong Show drinking game where you had to drink if Chuck pointed at you.

    • I never heard of that one.

      • You sit around in a circle and Chuck Barris liked to point all the time so if he pointed at you, you had to drink.

        Chuck Barris, the Father of Modern TV, Dies at 87 | Den of Geek

  10. Nope to drinking games, like, ever. Yes to drinking.

    • I’m with you @Elliecoo. Drinking is the entertainment. Who needs a game?

  11. We used to do a subcrawl and take turns hosting the Beer Olympics every two years. The subcrawl was more drink focused and less popular. The Beer Olympics was all about competition and winning medals for playing funny made-up games. Drinking was involved but not necessary. Mostly people drink while listening to the rules of the upcoming game or celebrating a win. For example, when I hosted I had them play “human centipede”. Each team elected a leader to be the head of their centipede. The rest of the team was blind folded. They had to bend over and hold onto the waist of the person in front of them. The five teams lined up next to eachother and had to race around the park. If you lost a member, you had to stop and reconnect them before continuing around the race track. It is hilarious to watch adults being highly competitive while playing expertly designed silly games.

    • That sounds more fun and creative than most drinking games. I’d play with you!

      • Next time I host, you’re invited!

        • I’m there!

  12. I used to host horror movie nights at my place. I came up with a drinking game called “Is that a prediction?”. The rules were simple. While watching the movie, if you make any kind of statement about where the plot is headed or what the characters might say/do, someone else can ask you loudly “Is that a prediction?” which locks you both into your prediction whether you like it or not. If your prediction comes true then the person who called you out has to drink. If your prediction doesn’t come true then you have to drink. To make those movie nights feel more personal, we’d be assigned a character in the movie based on who showed up to my place first and which character comes on screen first. When your character dies, you drink.

    • I’d put you in charge of activities at all my events.

      • Haha thanks! Coming up with and hosting play centric alcohol adjacent activities for my friends is my forte. Wish I had found a way to monetize that skill. I guess I could sell my Beer Olympics handguide on Etsy or something.

        • That really isn’t a bad idea.

  13. No drinking games here, but usually drinking when we play any games, including Spades, Hearts, Mexican Train, Trivial Pursuit, and others.

    • That’s what we  did too. Monopoly was always fun because you could put little bonuses in Free Parking. 😁

  14. We’d get really drunk playing cards against humanity, does that count?

    • Of course!

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