Happy Hour [12/3/21]

I need a drink

He wondered what a beer milk shake would taste like. The idea gagged him but he couldn’t let it alone. It cropped up every time he had a glass of beer. 

Cannery Row, John Steinbeck

Steinbeck was ahead of his time, boozy ice cream is fairly common these days. There are recipes online for stout shakes, wine floats, and creamy cocktails. You can buy spiked artisanal brands like Tipsy Scoop and Proof. Even grocery store staple Haagen Daz has gotten in on the act with their Spirits line of alcohol-infused ice creams. A local ice cream shop in my town offers a full range of ice cream cocktails.

The Berry White – blackberry buttermilk ice cream with rum, cherry liqueur, and amaretto
The Orange Dreamsicle – vanilla ice cream, vodka, blood orange soda

I’m not a big fan of ice cream but I’d try one of these. How about you Deadsplinters, do you like booze, ice cream? How do you feel about boozy ice cream?



  1. Oh I can see this. I think I’d steer very clear from “the Barry White,” but a White Russian is almost like a liquid, alcoholic version of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. You can top ice cream with crème de menthe and cherry liqueur. Ice cream aside, when you flambé a dessert you often pour rum or bourbon on it and set it alight. Vanilla extract is very alcoholic (just googled: supposed to be 70 proof) but it’s so expensive I can’t imagine a more expensive way to get drunk.

  2. Even when I drank, I hated beer, so I can’t even imagine how awful a beer milkshake would be.  Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t drink beer at all, because I was a drunk which meant that if there was nothing to drink but beer, then you can bet I would drink it.  But, it was essentially a business transaction–I would down that shit as quickly as I could so I could get it over with.  However, I did enjoy grasshoppers a lot.  If you haven’t had one, I do recommend.

  3. I’d try the beer milkshake over a wine float (which I initially imagined was red wine with vanilla ice cream)… unless it’s sparkling wine and something like berry sorbet.

  4. I would try both of those things pictured! I am not a big drinker but I AM big on dessert, and I love amaretto. I’ve tried a couple of those Häagen Dazs alco-ice creams, the one with beer in it was my favorite (and I don’t even like beer). I just checked their website and it’s not listed so my luck they probably stopped making it 😟

  5. A local brewpub makes a chocolate stout ice cream – it is good. Not amazing. Good. I imagine that any drink made with Bailey’s Irish Cream approaches dessert?

    • I like a good spiked coffee after dinner instead of dessert. But I’ve also had dessert martinis that I enjoyed. Both have included Bailey’s. 

  6. My mother was the one who taught me that liqueurs (Creme de Menthe, Kahlua) make good ice cream toppers.  Not a drink, just pour some over ice cream and eat it like normal.

    • My father used to poor bourbon over fresh sliced peaches. He’d let them sit while he had dinner so the juice from the peaches would mix with the bourbon, then eat it for dessert. It’s very good.

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