Happy Hour [12/5/23]

I need a glass of chianti

An estimated 500 pounds of pasta was dumped in a wooded area of Old Bridge, NJ. Resident Nina Jochnowitz took photographs of the illegal dump site and alerted authorities, who had the soggy noodles removed. There’s been some speculation that the pasta was the stockpile of a recently deceased woman and disposed of by a relative cleaning out the home. I don’t buy it. That’s a lot of linguine for one person to amass.

What’s your theory, hoax, weird art installation, or Flying Spaghetti Monster miracle?



  1. im going with spaghetti monster miracle

    like…the fuck is going on there?

    i mean…500lbs of pasta is one thing…hell of a stock pile even…

    but over here at least….pasta is generally packaged in however big sized bags or boxes

    takes a special kind of crazy to unwrap everything…and wheelbarrow it into the forest…in..like..15 trips apparently.

    could have just put it out front all packaged with a sign saying free pasta and it would be gone in no time flat

  2. Wait wait wait I figured it out

    Someone had a fundraiser where people came to prep food for a soup kitchen, food pantry, food distribution, one of those things. Like “donate $$$ to come help the community with your local representative ____”

    And then it was all a scam to just get money and look like a caring community member and then since they had no actual distribution plan, all the food was dumped in the woods. Bet it was a republican or a big church pastor.

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