Happy Hour [13/1/23]

I need a drink

It’s Make Your Dreams Come True Day! Whatta ya got, Deadsplinters? A crazy get-rich-quick scheme, Shark Tank worthy invention, going off the grid, starting your own cult, world domination, true love?



  1. When I retire I’m building a B&B consisting of tiny houses with a miniature train that takes you and your luggage out to your tiny house. It’s going to have a breakfast and lunch cafe.


  2. I’ve wanted to make a Hawaiian themed brewery with Hawaiian food.  I even have owned the domain name for years but probably need to win the lottery to make it happen.

    • I mentioned a food cart last week selling Costa Rican Copos. I’d love to do that, they’re the perfect hot weather treat. It’s similar to Hawaiian  shaved ice – shaved ice, syrup, milk powder, another layer of ice, syrup, and milk powder, topped with sweetened condensed milk. Cheap to make and sell. And I’d donate some of the proceeds to one of the sloth sanctuaries.

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