Happy Hour [14/2/20]

Happy F**king Valentine’s Day.

Not really a fan, I’m suspicious of romantic gestures. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry – what did you do? And think about this – St. Valentine may be the patron saint of lovers, but also of the plague.

Pillow talk in the
Middle Ages

Legend has it that an almond tree was planted on his grave, making it a symbol of love. Don’t they make cyanide from almonds? Guess who chose Feb. 14 as the official date for the holiday. Acclaimed husband Henry VIII. Don’t get me started on roses, billions of dollars spent on a flower capable of drawing blood.

Love hurts

I’m not completely heartless. It’s a good excuse to share a nice bottle of wine. Cheers!



    • That’s sweet. I’m not a total Valentine Scrooge. Genuinely loving acts are always appreciated. You’re a good man or woman and I wish you and your wife a very happy day!

  1. Mrs OldMan’s B’day is also this weekend so I try to combine all into a week long festival but she was sick last week and I’ve been sick this week. Plus we have another water leak. I took an afternoon off to have some bids on replacement of a 100 yd service line….$25K was the consensus. Oy vey…..

      • Thanks! We’re both feeling better but we probably won’t find anyone cheaper.

        This will be the 3rd repair and on a typical line 100 feet or less it would be time to replace but the previous 2 repairs have been under $5k total for both jobs so I still have another 3 or 4 repairs before I hit a price point that makes it worth it.

    • I feel your pain (a little). I had to replace my furnace in October and I’m going to have to replace one of my central air units this spring before it gets hot. They aren’t going to add up to quite that much money but it’s still a pretty substantial amount of money which hurts.
      And then I go online and read articles about billionaires spending 165 million on a house and it just makes me a little crazy.

      Edited to correct the cost of the house from 275 million to 165 million. Okay, that’s a massive fucking difference but to someone like me, they’re both equally impossible numbers.

      • …I get that feeling when I think about Bloomberg’s campaign, if I’m honest…like I can’t help but find myself wondering if you gave that kind of budget to some of the folks that post here what might that look like?

        …hell, even a modest bit of crowdfunding can get the word out surprisingly effectively?


        [I mean, the UK is smaller…but Boris is still a world-class ass, to be fair]

        …so imagine how it would be if the media landscape were saturated with a bunch of reasonable, pragmatic & optimistic stuff based in some principles most of the world barely considers to involve bearing to the political left?

        …if every time some obfuscatory bullshit was foisted upon the world by some Dolt45 apparatchik there were someone there to unpack what that actually meant & show them for the craven creatures that they are?

        …who knows – maybe most folks still wouldn’t listen…but it’s the weekend & daydreaming has a certain appeal?

  2. we just finished watching hot fuzz… now the missus is playing pokemans on the switch and im about to go on an anti establishment murder spree in the outer worlds
    i may be at that for a while….i may have overdosed on monster energy and will be jittering for a while yet
    ive got a magic blue sleeping pill and weed for when the crash comes lol… swings and roundabouts me…good fun
    anyhoo…quiet v day here..we’ll do something nice next week

      • I’ve got Outer Worlds but I haven’t had time to load it yet. I find that I can’t manage two different control schemes at the same time so if I want to finish a game I have to stick with it until it’s done. Or I’ll just flat out never finish.

        • I once had a job for a spell that involved reading a massive amount of stuff about the latest games (around about when Half-Life 2 was considered a big deal) but one of the random side-effects of not owning consoles & attending boarding schools is that I essentially lack the muscle memory of the friends I have who can almost intuitively pick up a control system for a new game without needing to look up what the buttons do

          …so if I want to see any of the really cool shit I know the game to be capable of I pretty much need to watch someone play who knows what they’re doing…& yet I’m somehow also old enough to be confused by the fact that things like twitch involve people doing exactly that?

          …for some reason if I’m not sitting in the room with them it seems like an entirely crazy thing to spend my time doing?

      • …the trick – which I’ve taken the liberty of doing above since your option to had timed out – is to insert a full line break between the text of your comment & the link

        …at least most of the time – I just left a comment on the DUAN where the third link of a trio just wouldn’t embed…which I think is something you can set when you post a video to youtube to make it so the thing won’t embed elsewhere by design…so YMMV & all that sort of thing?

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