Happy Hour: Fur Face Friday Edition [15/10/21]

I need a drink

Special Fur Face Friday Edition!

It should go without saying that the best thing about the internet is the animal pics and videos. And that was as true of Kinja as anywhere else. Fur Face Friday was the gem of the sub-blog communities. It began on GroupThink in 2012 but before long was being cross-posted throughout the Kinjaverse, with submissions and comments pouring in from the various online neighborhoods. I signed on as a Snout Selector around 2018. And while it was a lot of fun, it wasn’t as easy as you’d have thought. There were so many entries, and we tried to limit the top picks each week to ten or eleven. We had to be careful not to feature the fan favorites too often since everybody wanted to see their furry pals chosen. Birthdays, adoption anniversaries, and rainbow bridge crossings were automatically selected. We oohed and awwed over each other’s cute pets and wildlife pics, celebrated new additions, and mourned losses together. There was a lot of bonding. It’s where some of my earliest and most enduring internet friendships were made, where I first met both @farscythe and @myopicprophet. When the sub-blogs closed down Fur Face Friday continued on BackTalk, where myo joined me as a Snout Selector. Without the ability to cross-post we don’t get the same amount of activity. But there are still adorable animals to squee over. Stop by and have a look. If you have a Disqus account and would like to post your dogs, cats, or other creatures, you are more than welcome. Of course, now that @myopicprophet has enabled us to link to pics, you can just share them here on Deadsplinter! For now, images have to be hosted elsewhere then linked in the comments by the image icon. So, show us your fur faces!

I’m going to be out of town and may not reply to your comments right away. But I appreciate them all and look forward to seeing your pics.



  1. I just found out our latest foster dog is being returned. She’s very sweet but quirky and bossy, and the adopters couldn’t deal with telling her no and staying out of her space.

    The shame is she has no idea what is going on, but the good news as far as she is concerned she was just at a dog sitter for a few days. So back into the adoption pool for her….

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